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  1. Now the only question is which is the variant - Eric Masterson Thor or Thunderstrike? via TNI
  2. I officially call bullshit on the Heralds of Galactus poll. There is NO way Morg made the top four
  3. I agree that the X-Men still need some fun Sunfire/Colossus Dazzler/Longshot Brood/Deathbird Brood/Lilandra
  4. Falcon & Winter Soldier Commander Rogers & Baron Zemo SHIELD Agent & Kang SHIELD Agent & Immortus (Variant)
  5. I could be down for some Firelord, especially with those cool flame wings. But my vote had to go to Galactus. Now if only they could do a Minimate-style Marvel Select Galactus
  6. My New Mutants display, the last of my Minimates left to be packed before I move
  7. Agreed. Once that Iceman goes clear, that'll be the tipping point that makes me buy the set.
  8. Checked out the Towson, MD TRU today and found they had finally put out a case! Picked up the last Magik/Warlock & Shatterstar/Cannonball sets and left the Wolverine/Dark Magneto and SpiderMan/Lizard sets behind (three of each). I was thinking eBay was my only hope, too!
  9. Fun! Alpha Flight: Sasquatch, Snowbird, Guardian, Shaman (of course, this would also require TRU fill-ins for Northstar, Aurora, Vindicator and Puck.
  10. They'll be doing 4-packs and 2-packs at the very least. I'm hoping for some singles featuring some of the alternate costumes too but who knows. And at least this Wolverine has the correct post-Utopia costume, I think for the first time.
  11. He tried to join the X-Men by using their costumes. Marvel Girl's in particular.
  12. You might want to hold off on She-Ra then, because they also announced they're releasing a new She-Ra later this year that will be alternately articulated for her horse.
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