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  1. I will never not love that movie.
  2. Thanks, Zach! I really appreciate it!
  3. Thanks for looking out for us!
  4. So I know this is a loooong shot, but does anyone have a spare peter head/hair (from IW iron spidey) that they'd want to part with? The 2-pack I bought didn't have either & thanks to Zach, I reached out (multiple times) to customer service at DST to get replacement parts. I've gotten no response at all & none of the walgreens in my area have sets (so I could do an exchange). Please & thanks in advance!
  5. I'm just in need of the MJ -- if anyone has extras.
  6. For some reason, it's not letting me see & I am sad.
  7. If anyone has/sees a spare scuba spidey (his name is so forgettable) -- either singly, or in the 2-pack -- drop me a line.
  8. If you find two, I would love a jack lantern/nz spidey.
  9. So I just had something interesting happen today. I don't know if I believe it, so maybe Zach or someone else can chime in & say "fact" or "fiction." I placed 3 orders with, like right before it was announced that they were closing. I've only had one show up so far (& it took 9 days via FedEx to go from OH to MN), but it was incorrect -- I spent an hour on hold, but they are fixing the issue no problem. The other 2 orders still show "in progress" & it's been almost 2 weeks since I placed the order. Since my CC was charged -- it's already posted to my bank & cleared -- I contacted customer support thru their "chat" function. Apparently, my other 2 others are backordered -- even tho all the items still appear on the website as available (I was told I was mistaken, as they can not sell what they do not have) -- and the woman had no way of knowing when the items would be back in stock to ship out. Since they had already taken my money, I started getting a bit upset & asked about how there would be more merchandise when liquidation is just around the corner. The woman (Michelle) told me that it was only the stores that were closing/liquidating inventory, but the warehouses (fulfillment centers) were staying open so I shouldn't worry about my orders. I called BS to this -- Zach has mentioned that they are getting no more product from DST, and Mattel & MGA are freaking out about how they will be repaid. So, here's my question.... is what she said true? It makes no sense to me that TRU would close physical stores but keep their warehouses open??
  10. While I wasn't assistant manager when I worked at my local TRU, I was there when it closed. It's nice that you sort of have/had an idea that the end was coming & could prepare for it. (I hope all of you guys are able to find something else.) My store didn't. My store was doing very well -- we had won awards for several yrs in a row; our reviews were exemplary; we had big wigs stopping by often to praise us -- we were the lone TRU in the northern part of MN (closest was hundreds of miles away). We were told days before Christmas that our store would be closing. The real estate value of the property was insane & that's what did my store in. (The property "lords" over all around it on a landscaped dais. Plus, killer location.) We were crushed & I never got over it. (I grew up a TRU kid from the west coast.) This might all sound silly, but my area never has stores close. (We still have a Radio Shack.) We usually only have one of something & there's typically not another one close for 100s of miles. Plus, the amount of Canadians that come here to shop is insane! So, when the TRU closed it was a HUGE deal. It absolutely crushes me that there will be generations of kids that will grow up without getting to be a TRU kid.
  11. So, I just opened my IW 'mates from Walgreens. Anyone else missing the extra Peter head/hair in theirs?
  12. The crouching tiger minimates. They're just something I've been trying to complete for a while now.
  13. I ask bcuz I just bought something from them on eBay & went low on my "best offer." I started thinking afterwards that it might be someone here & then I felt bad -- I don't want to rob anyone on MMMV (cuz I love you guys). Meaning that I would have paid the BIN price, since it was fair.
  14. selling on eBay under the name "rebelbase"?
  15. My Walgreens pulled ALL minimates from the shelf & won't sell bcuz they think it's a safety recall. I agree with YB.
  16. So if the BP stuff has been gone since you bought it all (when it came in), is it unusual that they haven't restocked? Also, is there more than 1 TRU in Madison? I thought I had read that the Madison TRU was closing, but there was a sign on the door that said, "Don't worry, we're not closing."
  17. I had FB, but I dumped it. (I had a real-life stalker & he found me on FB.) PS -- my stalker was from waaaay before I got FB (like from right after high school) , FYI.
  18. I, too, found a full set of 4 in my local Walgreen's -- yet could not buy them. They are holding them for me (I personally know the manager), so I'm super excited -- plus with the BOGO 50%. If anyone hears a concrete release date, let me know.
  19. Just visiting, since I was "sorta" close by (Wausau). But it was a nice store.
  20. Then my bad. I saw so many stapled/taped/shrink-wrapped (just the tray) that I made a bad assumption.
  21. If anyone has a spare nakia/okoye set they'd want to sell for cost or do a trade, let me know. The West Towne Madison TRU was pretty scarce on BP stuff last nite.
  22. So I was at TRU in Madison last nite & picked up a bunch of NBX sets bcuz I thought I remembered people saying they needed some. I'm too tired (& lazy) to read thru the thread to see who wanted them, so I'm posting them here. I have: GID santa jack/GID mayor snowman jack/GID oogie zombie bass player/zombie accordianist (plastic packaging has been stapled to card -- clearly somebody was trying to steal) igor/GID finkelstein tall vamp/short vamp I cam sell them for cost ($7.49) + shipping, or trade them. (Check my list.)
  23. Found full set of 4 movie BP sets at 1of5 local Walgreens here in Duluth -- all mask tampos are properly aligned. Sooooo happy! Also, found Cap Marvel/Rulk 2-pack. Others in wave had been sold by the time I got there. As a side note to whomever it was that hid the 2-pack, sorry I bought it. (I know it was hidden because it was tucked waaaay down & purposely behind other stuff.)
  24. So I broke down & bought my 1st Pops (full-sized ones) yesterday. I want to be mad -- like really really angry -- but I can't. I bought these dorks: I lovelovelove Angry Beavers & couldn't resist. I also got the 2 Pickle Ricks & Rocko for Christmas (but I haven't been home to unwrap them, so they don't count). I'm honestly surprised that I was able to resist for so long.
  25. So I received my gift right after Christmas, but I've been struggling to find a way to include pics with my posts (since the last update) -- so I apologize for my tardiness. When I got my package, I was like, "what??" at the return address, because I couldn't figure out why someone's address would be an issue. Then I opened it & everything made sense. When I saw Pepper Potts, I freaked. I have wanted that custom since IM3 & was super touched that Luke remembered from that long ago to make her for me. Thanks again, Luke, for being AMAZING!!!
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