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  1. DST needs to step up the quality control for $50 boxsets. I just got an email from Customer Support this morning stating they don’t have replacements for the missing pieces I reported from the Dark Phoenix wave.
  2. For anyone curious about the scale of the Jada Toys VAMP… Minimates won’t fit inside, but it makes for a decent display piece. Supposedly they are making a HISS too, but I haven’t seen it anywhere.
  3. I don’t think Zach ever said it was scripted, I can’t find that in any of his comments in this thread or the GI Joe thread.
  4. Some people have been requesting wrestling stuff for years though, so I don’t think that would be cause for a WTF response. Chuck is a huge sports fan though, so DST acquiring a license for MLB, NBA, or NFL would be a bit more WTF. Those licenses seem like they would be a bit out of reach for DST, unless they are partnered with another company that already has the license. Maybe we are getting a Minimates/TeenyMates collaboration.
  5. Game of Thrones - a big license with many spin-offs allegedly on the way. The property has lost its luster after the botched final seasons. Definitely constitutes WTF reaction. The Walking Dead - with the Minimates history and zombie fad finally winding down, it would definitely illicit a WTF reaction. The main series is ending but again there are more spin-offs planned. SNL - definitely not going anywhere, and lots of material to mine, but does anyone really want mini figures of the “Making Copies Guy” or “The Californians”? Please, please, please let it be What We Do In The Shadows. Currently no licensed product out there, not even Funko Pops. I would buy Selects, Minimates, Vinimates, Prop Replicas, Life Size Nadja doll, statues. I’m all in.
  6. Zach said “broadcast”, which should limit shows on NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX as the primary contenders in the US. FX, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central would all be cable tv. Unless he used the term “broadcast” loosely to indicate not a streaming service like Netflix, Disney+, etc.
  7. It better be Bob’s Burgers! I will go 100% in. The show is beloved and is seriously unrepresented in toys/collectibles. Plus the movie is finally coming out later this year.
  8. 1) The Fantastic Four Wave 82 6 character boxset (7 if you count HERBIE, provided he didn’t get scrapped) will be solicited with a $50 - $55 MSRP price tag and will most likely be the first Marvel wave since 15 that doesn’t make it to production. 2) Knowing DST’s luck with licenses, it will be The Matrix Resurrections.
  9. For a "special edition" deluxe boxset, this is some of the most clinical toy packaging I've ever seen. Didn't even use the traditional NBX red & black stripe motif.
  10. To be fair, knowing DST’s history of glued bubbles, they will easily fall off. Maybe even in the box!
  11. Well, Series 1 are up on BBTS for $40 for the carded set of 4 in a cardboard box. I know prices/logistics/etc are going up, but at $10 per Minimate, I think I’m officially out of the Joe game. It doesn’t help that they are bare-bones too. No helmets, backpacks, and Snake Eyes doesn’t even come with Timber. I love the license, but you have to draw the line somewhere, and $10 a pop is over my line. The single carded figures should have been limited convention exclusives, with standard box sets being the primary form of release for people who don’t want to pay extra for packaging. Good luck, DST.
  12. Zach, can you say if Walgreens is still carrying other DST product, just not Minimates? It appears to me the toy aisles are generally shrinking at the Walgreens around me. The "collector" toys haven't been restocked in months, but all the seasonal toys are setup in the seasonal aisle. Apparently people find GI Joe Classified at Walgreens, I have never seen a single figure (or section for them) at any of the ones near me.
  13. She must get a migraine watching The Godfather Part II.
  14. My guess is they got purchased by a liquidator like Ollies.
  15. Yeah, this is news. So 6 character box sets will replace the 2-pack assortments? This will allow shops to only order what they need without having to worry about being stuck with extra stock. Hopefully we can get more full teams out of this change, and not just a random assortment of characters in a bigger boxset.
  16. @DSTZach I got a set that is missing both Scott’s hair and Lilandra’s staff. I’m going to contact CS, can you please keep an eye out?
  17. BAF was scrapped. Silver Sable was not supposed to happen and was a happy accident.
  18. There was also a crossbow in the Walking Dead line, different sculpt.
  19. While I agree, unfortunately DST never had the Thundercats license directly, they made the Minimates for a company called Icon Heroes that had the license.
  20. Zach, I'm confused. Are you stating that the FCBD G.I. Joe boxset is NOT series 1? Your comment makes it sound like the boxset that is a separate release from "Series 1". Can you please elaborate?
  21. Yes, 5 POA just like the 80’s Secret Wars line. I have all of the ones released so far, but haven’t been able to bring myself to open them, the card art is just so pretty. I plan on pairing the Retro Silver Surfer with the Haslab Galactus to make him look even bigger.
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