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  1. @DSTZach any chance you can grab a handfull of the promo AEW mate for us?
  2. - X-Men theme: flying Lockheed sculpt (that can be attached to a flight base) - Cosmic Marvel theme: Pip the Troll - Hulk theme: Gremlin - Thor theme: Throg with an Asgardian *cough*WarriorsThree*cough* boxset. - Avengers: smaller Minimate-sculpted versions of shrinking characters like Ant-Man, Wasp, Yellowjacket in various poses (punching, running, heroic stance, etc). - Inhumans: Since we already got a poseable version, a large molded Lockjaw if it meant we could actually get a boxset of all of the Kirby Inhumans. Another avenue to explore would be to provide accessories of importance instead of small characters. - Book of Vishanti, Darkhold - Cask of Ancient Winters, Crimson Gem of Cyttorak - Wand of Watoomb, Eye of Agamotto - Zodiac Key, Cosmic Cube (not built into a hand, Kirby Crackle effect)
  3. “Three all-new characters, four if you count an alternate look for one of the heroes.” - Moon Knight/Mister Knight - Shang-Chi - Daredevil - Bullseye - Frog-Man - Echo
  4. Zach - does the D&D license include the new movie?
  5. I think the set is fine for what it is, my only issue is that we are getting a set of What If Minimates long after the first season aired, but a second set of Endgame figures with the Final Battle was out of the picture due to “timing”. Can we please get a $50 Hex set of Endgame final battle figures?
  6. Speaking of Minimates and Ms. Marvel, those totally were Minimates costumes in the first episode, right?
  7. Transformers Series 2 is in-stock at Entertainment Earth, free shipping code SUNFREE22 for orders over $40.
  8. I can't think of a Marvel team formed in the last 10 years that only features one woman.
  9. My guess is it is based on the first GI Joe Animated Mini-Series from 1983. Dr. Vandermeer? Gladiator Ramar? Salina? Not from the first mini-series, but other contenders: The old blind hermit that found radioactive Snake Eyes? (He recently got a Reaction figure) Fatal Fluffy? The Viper?
  10. The only characters that I know are “off limits” at this time are The Fridge and Hooded Cobra Commander.
  11. CORRECTION! I picked up a bunch of these on sale and opened them up, the standard body figures (Spidey, Iron Man, Cap) actually have 7 POA, there is forearm rotation. The larger figs (Hulk, Venom) still only have 5 POA. The Torch doesn't have forearm rotation as he has sculpted flames. Overall, I am really enjoying this line. This design simplicity and ease of collecting is what originally drove me from ML to Minimates back in the day. I need to dig out some of my Minimates power effects because I think they would work well with this line, specifically the electricity effects for Electro.
  12. Got mine today, Thanks BHM! Overall they are really nice ‘mates, but I am surprised nobody has mentioned Deadpool’s weapons. They are molded in a noticeably thinner and softer plastic. The swords barely stay in his hands they are so thin.
  13. With current events, that is a possibility. Zach, care to drop a few hints in case WWIII breaks out?
  14. Any of these get mailed to Fayetteville, Arkansas?
  15. Let’s hear it, please. if you want to discuss a bulk shipment to US for distribution to MMMV members, I’ll volunteer to distribute. What is the case breakdown, is it random or consistent? My guess is that “Legacy Movie MM Asst Wave 1” would consist of: - Animated Black Panther/Shuri - Animated Captain America/Peggy Carter - MCU Black Widow - MCU Falcon and Winter Soldier
  16. DST needs to step up the quality control for $50 boxsets. I just got an email from Customer Support this morning stating they don’t have replacements for the missing pieces I reported from the Dark Phoenix wave.
  17. For anyone curious about the scale of the Jada Toys VAMP… Minimates won’t fit inside, but it makes for a decent display piece. Supposedly they are making a HISS too, but I haven’t seen it anywhere.
  18. I don’t think Zach ever said it was scripted, I can’t find that in any of his comments in this thread or the GI Joe thread.
  19. Some people have been requesting wrestling stuff for years though, so I don’t think that would be cause for a WTF response. Chuck is a huge sports fan though, so DST acquiring a license for MLB, NBA, or NFL would be a bit more WTF. Those licenses seem like they would be a bit out of reach for DST, unless they are partnered with another company that already has the license. Maybe we are getting a Minimates/TeenyMates collaboration.
  20. Game of Thrones - a big license with many spin-offs allegedly on the way. The property has lost its luster after the botched final seasons. Definitely constitutes WTF reaction. The Walking Dead - with the Minimates history and zombie fad finally winding down, it would definitely illicit a WTF reaction. The main series is ending but again there are more spin-offs planned. SNL - definitely not going anywhere, and lots of material to mine, but does anyone really want mini figures of the “Making Copies Guy” or “The Californians”? Please, please, please let it be What We Do In The Shadows. Currently no licensed product out there, not even Funko Pops. I would buy Selects, Minimates, Vinimates, Prop Replicas, Life Size Nadja doll, statues. I’m all in.
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