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  1. so, apparently Hasbro is trying to revive these, as i just saw new revamped ones at the store. they now sport what looks like a smaller body similar to the originals but with an enlarged Minimate cylinder type head with a slip over mask (captain america at least)
  2. I only bought two, so i could mod one like this
  3. im trying to finish up, before the end of the year, a bunch of customs that have been on the workbench here are a few: My Heightened Executioner with a shapeways Axe by Dave Gladiator Thor with shapeways Mace and shield one of Helas undead Asgardian army Revengers Valkyrie the Punisher Warmachine my thought on this( I haven't read the story) is that Frank would just take black spray paint to the whole suit and then scrawl on the white skull with a brush real quick Red wedding Dress Lydia new Zemo
  4. Finally made it to the Funko HQ today, really cool! i had to show great restraint as i could have easily spent many dollars$
  5. this was a tough one, so many good ones to choose from, I voted for Deathlok but would be equally happy to get: Machine man, Killraven, Jack of hearts, Warlock and Captain Britain
  6. I assume your specifically addressing me with this post however you attribute several things to me that i DIDN;T say/write, for example i never said Modok was a bad design, only the execution with the cylinder head, never said spider-gwen was less detailed, never said the original Jackal was a good or bad design, just that this ones design was bad,( for the record DST did a great job translating that one from cartoon to 3d figure, however a great translation from a cartoon turd to a 3d turd is still a turd.) and i certainly never said " they're among the worst Minimates ever made". I also never mentioned your opinions having anything to do with your employment, maybe this is a case of "thou doth protest too much"? and whether a figure is new ,hasn't been released in years or hasn't been released at a certain store before has nothing to do with it being a good or bad figure, it may go into your decision making process on whether to make it or not but it certainly doesn't make a shitty figure good just because. as for masque being "clean" and "simple" I dont know her mask looks quite detailed it would have been nice to see it sculpted think of how these characters(masque, screwball) would look in silhouette compared to the same character on the shows silhouette then maybe you will see what i mean by plain, a slip on mask/helmet etc would make a big difference
  7. For the record, I'd be extremely Honored and Happy to meet/buy a pint for Butthead, anywhere anytime. (and not because of this post)
  8. Well its pretty simple Zach, interesting characters and/or designs, and as i already said I'M NOT LOOKING LOOKING FOR THESE TO BE 616 VERSIONS. I didnt want to have to do this but since your confused, lets run through them: Big time Spidey and Gwenpool - inferior versions of what we've already got/ some of which we have multiple times/ and recently Masque- basically a white figure with a skirt piece , pretty plain, maybe if she had a sculpted slip-over face piece or something for some detail Black panther- again pretty plain, not bad but considering we are about to be awash in BP mates he's not too exciting Jackal- the design sucks, and again its not about 616 Modok- I think the choice to go full on minimate head cylinder is too much, otherwise he'd be cool Screwball- nothing about this one appeals to me, maybe because i dont watch the show, or because its so plain,or the mismatched color purse that sticks out literally and figuratively as the only sculpted piece, and that face is just too simple even in an animated line, this fig may have benefited from a slip-over mask, maybe like Vindicators ? Wasp- Definately the best of the bunch, I really like her hair and helmet, kind of wish the wings were transparent, but they are probably not in the show, yeah shes a good figure, but considering you have to buy one of these other Turds( i assume Modok) to get her, she is just an ok purchase. so there you go
  9. Personally I'm not looking for the animated line to fill in for 616 characters, I like(or dis-like) them for what they are, and regardless of who is to blame for a bad figure, bad design vs. bad interpretation, a shitty figure is a shitty figure and i call 'em as i see 'em.
  10. Huh! Well those suck! Wasp is ok i guess, the rest look like dollar store figures, but these cost $4.25 each I mean, Jackal looks like a mentally challenged Gremlin. Meh
  11. oh, I didn't realize that's what he looks like in the comics now too
  12. found these in Seattle area fyi also for those that care Cap does not have an alt look, as besides the head he is just a blue blank figure under the armor
  13. why? he doesn't appear to have one in the cartoon
  14. just looking at these again and noticed that all panthers have full white(gold) eye coverings when they should have open eye holed masks > visible eyes with pupils. even the movie BP pic on the package has visible eyeballs.
  15. Son of Satan just because it would be awesome to see him on TRU shelves
  16. cool story, ive never met any other MM fan face to face
  17. i really liked it, my only "complaint" is the name of a certain someone gives away the ending if you're a die hard punisher fan
  18. really? where i cant find them in your shop
  19. so all we really need to buy to get them all is : the 4 pack, TRU nakia and okoye, killmonger/klaue Walgreens ross/powered BP, tactical killmonger /casino T.challa
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