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  1. thats Crete-zy why dont you Talos all about it
  2. Nope, DST incorrectly named him, it should be Talos
  3. i just found all of wave 5 and they are great, MOTU Stratos and Scareglow (f'n Awesome) Xfiles Mulder and alien grey, TMNT Donatello, and Blue Xeno from Alien I still need a wave 4 Evil-lyn if anyone can help
  4. ooh we should talk i bought tons of these and maybe we can help each other out with missing ones
  5. lets not forget how DST shot themselves in the foot when they expected LCS to carry the same products as TRU but receive them later and make them have to charge more for them.
  6. are they on the ship list this week?
  7. Excellent point. I have been buying/a fan of Minimates since i first bought the Kiss and LOTR ones at Spencers gifts and the Marvel 5 packs at TRU way back in the day so i will deeply miss MMs when they are gone, and am not encouraging their demise. it just that it seems more and more likely based on bad decisions by DST and the market in general IMO theres Nothing wrong with talking about that rather than burying ones head in the sand, Hell maybe talking can promote better practices and help MMs endure that much longer.
  8. Abso-fuckin-lutely! if you're looking to blame anyone for the decline/killing of the line look no further than DST themselves, and its easy to put it all on the loss of Toysrus but Dst has to take the blame for that by putting all (or most) of their eggs in one basket
  9. great job Luke and Thanks!
  10. ok, wheres the reveal?
  11. Pretty soon all you will have is the depression of what has/hasn't been released.
  12. its not really fair to compare DST to Hasbro and Funko though Hasbro is huge company with tons of money behind them and funko has competent people whom listen to their fans working for them 😈
  13. rest in peace sir. we almost got a minimate of you
  14. Mattallica

    wave 77

    Luke has them listed for June
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