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  1. Oh crap. My TRU has the Halo mates and barely any Marvel ones last time I checked Tuesday. Brown/tan Wolverine looks neat. Mind sharing some masked pics? (Love the hanging mask accessory!)
  2. Wow, this set is awesome! It has the best Thor and Cap hands down. Even the Spider-Man and Iron Man mates are great. The only downsides are that Thor's right foot keeps falling out and Cap didn't come with an alternate glove for his left arm. Other than that, its a great boxset. Absolutely perfect for those just getting into the Marvel mates. Now to kitbash an Iron Man from this set and the Neo-Classic one...
  3. Got some new kitbashed Mates to show off: My Giant-Size X-Men-ish group. Here's what I used: Cyclops - 90s Cyclops head, chest, arms, legs. SDCC Cyclops Visor. 90s Wolverine belt. Silver Age Cyclops gloves and boots. Colossus - Just added classic Iron Man's wrist bands. Shadowcat - Took off her collar and arms. Gave her 90s Beast's arms. Wolverine - Secret Invasion Wolverine head and body with 90s Wolverine mask. Phoenix - SDCC Phoenix body, 90s Rogue head, 90s Jean Grey hair Storm - Giant-Size Storm's hair, cape, legs. Mohawk Storm's arms, head and bracelets. Gave her random black hands for gloves. I switch out a black chest with Mohawk Storm's sometimes. Now all I need to get is Nightcrawler and Xavier.
  4. Saw this at the local TRU while I was out Christmas shopping. The only one that looked good (IMO) was Spider-Man and even then he was missing web lines on the side of his wrists. (...?) The darker blue really does wonders though, it makes the colors stand out. I kinda hope they do that again for a future Spidey.
  5. It was $4.95 for me so the whole order came up to around $26. Ouch.
  6. Gah, I hope this doesn't sell out before Friday. I need that Thor and Cap.
  7. I'm starting to run out of room with all of these GB mates. Can't wait to get 'em, though!
  8. Well, there's already the potential for three versions of the GBs themselves: - Normal - Citizen Ghost attire (From the end of the first movie) - Slimed Then there's four versions of Janine they can do: - Season One Janine - Season One Janine in Venkman's jumpsuit - Season Two and above Janine (significant character design change) - Season Two and above Janine in her pink GB jumpsuit I can already smell the million Slimer and Stay Puft variants so we'll skip them. As for ghosts, there are: - Samhain - Boogeyman - Jeremy from Ragnarök and Roll - Ghost Master - Grundle - GB doppelgangers from Citizen Ghost - People Busters Those are the memorable ones off the top of my head.
  9. Wow, they knocked out most of the redos I wanted done. While the new brown Wolverine looks derpy at the moment, things could change so I'll strike him off the list for now. So here's my new list: 1. Mister Sinister 2. Blob 3. Pyro 4. Toad 5. Tombstone 6. Whirlwind 7. M.O.D.O.K 8. Kang Took Dazzler out since I'll use Shadowcat instead. Redo 1. Rhino 2. Classic Punisher 3. A Hulk that uses pieces similar to the new Juggernaut 4. Classic Nick Fury 5. Colossus I knocked Colossus down to the bottom since I just picked up the Giant Size set version.
  10. 1 inch tall figurines and five-inch vinyl figures with movable arms for Mario. I don't think they even made a Bowser yet. A far cry from the stuff Toy Biz put out years ago, sadly. I'd kill for a 3-inch super poseable Mario/Zelda line like Sonic is getting from Jazwares. BTW, Sonic is a Sega franchise and Mega Man is a Capcom franchise. Completely unrelated to Nintendo.
  11. Good luck on that one. Outside of barely articulated vinyl figures, Nintendo has done jack crap on the toy front since like 1999. I'd love for Konami to jump in on this. Castlevania and Metal Gear mates would be awesome!
  12. Awesome awesome awesome. I see Juggernaut is using the Stay-Puft feet. I think it'll work better for him than it did for Thing. EDIT: Looking at it again, it actually looks like Juggs has some new feet. Can't wait to get Nightcrawler and yellow-brown Wolverine...even if his mask looks wonky due to the trippy-looking eyes. I also couldn't help but notice something about the Magneto next to him: Is that a new cape? And great news about Deadpool buuuuut I don't know if I want to pay $18 to get him and MORE Spider-Men and Wolverines. I'm already getting yet another Spider-Man thanks to the Heroic Age boxset.
  13. I think Wolverine and the X-Men was canceled not because of ratings but because the financial partner backed out. They were going to work on a second season until that happened.
  14. He'd probably look better with the variant Vision's cape since that one is solid. But there's no way I'm paying $10+ for a cape so this'll due.
  15. Got my Vision in today and didn't care for the fading legs and arms. So I used Loki's arms and legs and they match pretty well aside from the fact that Vision's chest has a slightly brighter color. I gave Loki the leftover FA Doom and Loki Reborn parts. Too bad the cowl isn't yellow but it'll due.
  16. Made a custom Doom a little bit after I got home from work. I used: FA Doom's Head, Cowl, Skirt, Fist-cuffs, Hands and Feet Villain Boxset Doom's Chest, Arms and Legs Put that all together and you get... PIMP DOOM.
  17. Found all of them today. The only one I didn't pick up was the Namor 2-pack as I prefer the "swimming-trunks" version of him. I agree that Thing is the worst of the bunch. He's much better with the normal black boots, though. He'll do until wave 37 Thing hits. I also noticed that recent Minimates have been having trouble with loose feet. Thing and Sue's left feet keep falling out. I love these guys, though. It's great to finally have the Fantastic Four with my other Marvel mates. Also, count me in for an updated Juggernaut and Rhino. They desperately need it.
  18. Nice. I'll be picking this up for the Thor figure and Cap's head for my Johnny Storm custom. Yay for days filled with magic!
  19. I usually cherry-pick from the Marvel mates but there are a few I'd like to see get made. 1. Mister Sinister 2. Blob 3. Pyro 5. Moleman 6. Toad 7. Tombstone 8. Dazzler (Only because of my nostalgia for the Pryde of the X-Men pilot.) Redo 1. Juggernaut 2. Mr. Fantastic 3. Invisible Woman 4. The Thing 5. Human Torch (All four of them could be in their blue and white duds from the 80s/90s) 6. Rhino 7. Nightcrawler 8. Colossus 9. Classic Punisher 10. Classic Nick Fury 11. Doctor Octopus (A white-business suit version would be neat) 12. Sandman (I already kitbashed him from the SM3 mate but a Steve Ditko-ish one would be grand.) Spider-Man/Wolverine variant John Romita Sr.-style Spidey or Amazing Bag-Man Non-sucky brown/yellow suit Wolverine
  20. Looking at the packaging pics, there are hoses connecting the blowers to the tanks. What bothers me, though, is Winston's skin color. (...*cough*...) This and Gooey Winston's skin are way too bright when compared to past releases.
  21. There's also: Slime-Blower Winston Judge Wexler Succubus (The ghost in the first movie that gets freaky with Ray) Kahki GB2-variant Ghosbusters (With another version of Slimer-Blower Ray and Winston) Underground exploring GB variants (Complete with Winston's OMG face after getting 'hit' by the Ghost Train) Civilian Winston And an Ecto-1/Ecto-1A but we know that ain't happening.
  22. Found Wave 6 while shopping today. Only had enough to pick up the Cap/Wolvie and Thor/Loki sets. Yay, my Avengers team is slowly coming together. Sadly, Thor's new headpiece doesn't fit all that well with the Bearded Thor's cape but hey, its better than the original. I combined Reborn Thor's head with Bearded Thor's body and House of M Spidey's legs to get my Thor. Its hard to see but I switched out Cap's head with my extra TRU Venkman head. The eyes line up MUCH better than the original and I like his goofy smile. I think it fits Cap much better. Now to get Hawkeye and Vision and the Avengers boxset so my Avengers team will be complete.
  23. Found two full sets at the Rockford TRU. After the big reset, they put shelves next to the relocated collector's stuff. That's where I found these instead of the empty "Best Of" wave peg. Hmm. Holy crap at Egon's huge new hairpiece!
  24. Sorry for the double post but it appears that these are going to be sold stateside. While it hasn't been confirmed by Capcom itself, the boxes are in english and use Megaman and Protoman instead of Rockman and Blues.
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