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  1. Got my hands on the last pack of the Winter Soldier/John Walker Captain America pack at the Walgreens I work at yesterday. It was on clearance, and since I'm an employee, I got the price cut down even more to $5.82. Already have the Falcon/Zemo pack, so it was nice to get my hands on what is probably the last set of Minimates I'll ever buy at a Walgreens. Sad to see the Walgreens stuff go out like this, but oh, well. At least it's not the end of the whole line...
  2. Honestly, I'd welcome a '60s Beetle. That design was so weird and ridiculous that I gotta have it in physical form somehow.
  3. I'll honestly take anything at this point. Anything that's, like... I can put it in a regular Avengers display and it won't look out of place.
  4. I agree with that list, but one note; Madame Webb isn't a villain.
  5. I'm determined. I NEED new versions of Hank and Jan. And I won't rest until I have my way. XD
  6. For me, the best versions of most of the major characters are as follows; MISC. HEROES - Spider-Man - Wave 24 Classic Spidey - Daredevil - Wave 43 Daredevil - Luke Cage - Best Of Wave 3 Power Man Luke Cage - Iron Fist - Best Of Wave 3 Dragon Attack Iron Fist AVENGERS - Captain America - Through the Ages Box Set Cap Reborn - Iron Man - either Wave 32 Extremis Iron Man (for a modern look) or T.R.U. Wave 26 Holographic Iron Man (for a classic look) - Thor - either Wave 33 Thor Reborn (for a modern look) or Classic Heroic Age Box Set Thor (for a classic look) - Hulk - T.R.U. Wave 22 Savage Hulk - Hawkeye - Best Of Wave 3 Classic Hawkeye - Scarlet Witch - Avengers vs. X-Men Box Set #2 version - Quicksilver - X-Men vs. Brotherhood Box Set Quicksilver X-MEN - Wolverine - Wave 28 Wolverine - Beast - Wave 34 '90s Beast - Cyclops - either Avengers vs. X-Men Box Set normal Cyclops or Wave 34 '90s Cyclops - Jean Grey - either X-Men vs. Brotherhood Box Set Marvel Girl or Wave 34 '90s Jean Grey - Storm - either Wave 34 '90s Storm or Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Wave 2 Storm - Angel - Wave 31 Angel - Gambit - Wave 28 Gambit - Rogue - Wave 34 '90s Rogue FANTASTIC FOUR - Mister Fantastic - either T.R.U. Wave 8 Mr. Fantastic or Wave 48 Stretch-Punch Mr. Fantastic - Invisible Woman - either T.R.U. Wave 8 Sue Storm or Wave 48 Force Field Invisible Woman - Thing - either Best Of Wave 1 Thing or T.R.U. Wave 15 Transforming Thing - Human Torch - either T.R.U. Wave 8 Human Torch or Wave 48 Flame-On Human Torch MISC. VILLAINS - Doctor Doom - either Marvel Villains Box Set version or Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Wave 3 Doctor Doom - Thanos - Infinity Gauntlet Box Set version - Kingpin - T.R.U. Wave 12 Kingpin - Loki - Best Of Wave 2 Loki SPIDER-MAN VILLAINS - Green Goblin - either Marvel Villains Box Set version or Wave 41 Green Goblin - Venom - Through the Ages Venom Unleashed - Carnage - Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Box Set Tendril Attack Carnage - Sandman - Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Box Set Shape-Shifter Sandman - Doctor Octopus - Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Box Set Arm Attack Doctor Octopus - Lizard - Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Box Set Transforming Lizard - Hydro-Man - Wave 77 Hydro-Man - Mysterio - T.R.U. Wave 19 Mysterio - Kraven the Hunter - Wave 77 Kraven the Hunter - Prowler - Wave 77 Marvel's Prowler - Vulture - Wave 77 Marvel's Vulture - Hobgoblin - Wave 62 Heroic Hobgoblin - Electro - Wave 30 Electro X-MEN VILLAINS - Magneto - either Marvel Villains Box Set version or T.R.U. Wave 9 Dark Magneto - Mystique - Days of Future Past Box Set version - Juggernaut - Excalibur Box Set version - Sabretooth - Wave 28 normal Sabretooth - Apocalypse - Wave 62 Axis Apocalypse
  7. My top-tier storyline to be adapted would honestly have to be the death of Harry Osborn from Spectacular Spider-Man #200. It's such a seminal moment in Spider-Man's history, and one of his most bittersweet hours (finally saving the soul of his best friend at the cost of losing him). I think a box set would work well for that, consisting of Spider-Man (if not with a slipover mask, then an alt. Peter Parker head), Green Goblin (with alt. Harry Osborn head), '90s Mary Jane Watson-Parker, and maybe a Normie Osborn and/or Liz Allan-Osborn figure? IDK, I think the more civilian figures we get, the better. I would like to see figures based on Rage of Ultron. That story had a lot of interesting designs for characters (both present-day and flashback ones), but to me, it would be a perfect excuse to give us figures of Giant-Man and Wasp based on their more modern looks (Wasp wearing an updated, yellow version of her 1960s design and Giant-Man wearing his Avengers Academy design). It would also be an excuse to give us, finally, a figure of Starfox, since he had a starring role in the story as well.
  8. Unrelated to the movie, but I'm gonna keep pushing and championing for this on all boards where it seems viable; We are in DIRE need of new comic figures of Giant-Man and Wasp. Just putting that out there. Last time we got Giant-Man was in 2012 (based on that terrible Heroes Return design) and our last comic Wasp was in 2008 with the Avengers #1 box set. I'd like to see either updated versions of their classic designs, or figures of their more modern looks. In Wasp's case specifically, It would be AWESOME if we got a figure based on her Earth's Mightiest Heroes design, since, to me, that's her definitive look. For Giant-Man, if not an updated version of his 1960s design, then at LEAST give us a version based on, again, his Earth's Mightiest Heroes costume, or even better, his Avengers Academy costume from 2010. Just throwing that out there (and I won't stop until I see it happen, dammit! XD).
  9. I know I've said this before on other threads, but I'm gonna keep saying it 'till it happens; Diamond, please, for the LOVE of ALL THAT IS HOLY, give us proper updates to Giant-Man and Wasp. We've gotten 3 versions of Wasp, and only one of them was Janet van Dyne. Don't get me wrong, I think the Avengers #1 box set is a fine release for those wishing to create a Silver Age Marvel display, but the issue is is that it's the ONLY comic Wasp we've EVER gotten. An updated version based on her more modern appearance (the black and yellow design that her movie costume was based on) would be the Bees' Knees. Hell, I'd take a Minimate inspired by how she looked in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes animated series (Clarification; INSPIRED by. Not DIRECTLY BASED ON. We have enough animated stuff as it is and it could go for a short break, IMO), which is, to me, her best look. Similar case with Giant-Man. We've only gotten 2 comic versions, and the only one based on the regular costume was, again, in the Avengers #1 set (and the other being based on that horrendous Heroes Return design from 1998.). While it's a serviceable figure, it's in DIRE need of an update. Either a new classic Giant-Man, an EMH-inspired one, or one based on his modern costume from the Avengers Academy comic book series from 2010. But yeah. There's my continued championing for some more love towards Henry Pym and Janet van Dyne.
  10. In that case, I STRONGLY suggest updates to Giant-Man and Wasp. We haven't seen comic Wasp since 2008 (based on her original design), and we haven't gotten Giant-Man since 2012, based on that terrible Heroes Return costume from the 1990s (no offense to you or the rest of the team over at D.S.T.!). I'd laud a figure of Janet's 2000s costume and Giant-Man's 2010 redesign from the Avengers Academy comic series. Or hell, if you guys wanna go REALLY obscure, make a figure of Janet van Dyne's Giant-Girl persona from the Marvel Adventures: The Avengers comic series. It would be a good companion piece to the Lab Attack Ant-Man figure from Best Of Series 3, whose design is based on the Marvel Adventures appearance.
  11. I second this. A Young Avengers wave, or even a box set of the original four members (Iron Lad, Patriot, Hulkling, and Asgardian) would be awesome, IMO.
  12. Hey. For some of us, the wheel was perfected long ago. XD
  13. Hopefully, I'll be able to pre-order. I recently got together a small little Avengers roster using my favorite designs for each character (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel (Carol), and Beast), so having a complete Fantastic Four set would complement nicely.
  14. Can you share what they are or is it a Confidential thing?
  15. I agree. I don't have Holo Iron Man yet, but judging from the pictures, as well as Smash's review on YouTube, it looks fantastic. Ultimate Iron Man's a pretty hot take, NGL. IMO, it's not hard to see why the design itself is hated by so many, but the Minimate looks good. Definitely fits well in a display of the bulkier, tank-like suits (Any of the Buster armors or War Machines).
  16. For me, it's Classic Spider-Man from Wave 24. Just... I can't get enough of it. As far as red-and-blue Spideys go, it's my go-to for the character. Some close runner-ups would be Cap Reborn, Wave 32 Extremis Iron Man, and Venom Unleashed. Maybe even Infinity Gauntlet Thanos?
  17. Oh, and another figure who's in DIRE need of getting produced? BATROC!!!!! COMIC BATROC!!!!!!!!! NOT FUCKIN' MOVIE BATROC!!!!!!!
  18. Following the reception to the "What do you consider to be the best Thor Minimate", I've decided to follow it up with this. What are your guys' thoughts on the definitive version of ol' Shellhead? For me, it's a tie between Holographic Iron Man (as the best Classic Iron Man) and Wave 32 Extremis Iron Man (as the best Modern Iron Man). Lemme know your thoughts below.
  19. That's fair. I disagree, but that is fair. I, for one, like the slipover masks because I think it helps certain characters not look pinheaded. I tend to notice, especially more recently, that certain Minimates, mostly Spider-Men, have really small heads in proportion to their bodies. Some of the worst offenders I've seen of this are Marvel vs. Capcom Spidey and TASM2 Spidey. I guess it's on a case-by-case basis, but still. I also just love the detail and colors on it. Plus, that Peter Parker head, IMO, is just PERFECTION. I will concede on the Thwipp hands, tho. Having had the Wave 76 Spidey... those are pretty incredible accessories.
  20. IK I'm replying to 15-year old thread, but Wave 24 Classic Spider-Man for me. To me, it's the definitive red and blue Spidey. Some close seconds would have to be Cap Reborn and Extremis Iron Man from Wave 32.
  21. That's awesome. We've been in dire need of new Fantastic Four stuff.
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