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  1. I like the design if the new packaging, but aren't the boxes a little... large? I know the current boxes have room around the mate for accessories and such, but this seems lime they could almost get four mates in the box. And still have room. Just thinking about sustainable practices. Hopefully they will start using recyclable plastic (with symbols) like Mattel has started to do. These still look awesome!
  2. Could we possibly get a parts list for those beauties? I bought an extra set to try some of those, but haven't thought about where to start. Thanks in advance!
  3. Well, NOW it's official: Sorry, I cannot seem to access the link option on my mobile device.
  4. Is that the actual weapon that comes with the Jackel Sniper? It looks more like a Mega Bloks or Brickarms weapon. I hope it is, it looks great!
  5. Just got back from my TRU with a complete set. I cannot wait to open these! I had a little difficulty though with trying to find packs that had decent paint apps. There seemed to be a lit of bleeding with the mates in the while case, especially with the actual Ghostbusters.
  6. Personally I would like to see different materials in minimates. Cloth capes would be really neat to acheive different poses. Also having bendable tentacles for Omega Red and Doc Ock (ala the Marvel Legends Omega Red or the arms of Parallax in the Green Lantern Movie Masters) would be awesome.
  7. I was thinking about this line and, while I understand not doing this, I think it would have been much nicer to see a line plan like this: LCS wave 1: Pack A Pack B - Player 2 Pack C - LCS Exclusive Pack D - LCS Exclusive TRU wave 1: Pack A - Player 2 Pack B Pack E - TRU Exclusive Pack F - TRU Exclusive With the con-exclusives/ 4-packs being Player 2 (or 3/4) versions of the LCS and TRU exclusives. This would actually give incentive for people to buy 8 packs of minimates, instead of only buying 6 and leaving packs to peg-warm. Which, IMHO, only leads to increased prices and perception of lack of interest. Any way, I am really excited for this line and cannot wait to see all the great mates we get!
  8. How is it people get coupons like these? I have never gotten something this good. If I ever get one day coupons from TRU, they ate valid on diapers. And I don't need those yet!
  9. I managed to find a full case of these, Calico Jack and Sony today at my local TRU. Every pack has the TRU exclusive sticker and each was 3 per case. Glad to see there were no short packs of any of these. They look awesome in the package!
  10. Managed to score these on a road trip Saturday in Rockford. Oddly, only one red skull pack was on the peg when I saw them. They look great, particularly Dum Dum. Cannot wait now for the LCS wave and singles now. And of course the movie.
  11. After finding the Halo mates at my local TRU on Friday, u managed to find these and the Cap movie wave on a family road trip Saturday. I missed out on the online ordering, but am super happy to have found then in store. Plus, I had coupons that made them esentially a third off. All of mine look good, but I have not had a chance to open them yet.
  12. I picked up my case a little while ago and my case ratio matches the original breakdown: 4 Frost Giant #2 3 Frost Giant #1 3 Asgaurdian Guard 1 Selvig 1 Laufey Even if it is different from others, I am happy with it. The only way it would be better is with more Royal Guards.
  13. Hey Luke, Just wondering, now that the Thor Army Builders should be in your hands, what is the actual case ratio? My LCS called and despite not having them listed in their email, they have a case waiting for me today and I don't want to get screwed on the case ratio like I did with the Iron Man Army Builders. Thanks for the info, mate!
  14. The weekly email I get from my LCS did not say anything about minimates for this week. I was hoping for at least the Thor builders from them. Most of that other stuff is coming from Luke.
  15. So... Weren't these due out last month? I am really looking forward to these.
  16. Yes, eventually. I had ordered a full set of the Sentinel/ Rachel Summers wave and it just came into stock mid January of this year. So yes, BBTS comes through, it may just take a while.
  17. You made sure to check the tray that he came in, correct? I had thought the same thing about my Thing, but then I found the glasses taped underneath the tray. Easily missed down there.
  18. I really like the look of these. My only complaint is the continued use of those Angel wings. I think it is about time for some new ones. Perhaps some with the wings spread out/ extended in flight. That would make this an essential box set as opposed to a cool one, IMO.
  19. I feel take it or leave it with the Capcom figures. But if we get updated Storm, She-Hulk, and X-23 out of this, I am happy. Oh, and M.O.D.O.K!!!!
  20. I want Star Wars, but I just don't think it realistic. If we got Star Wars minimates, I would drop Hasbro like a hot potato.
  21. I was thinking for the 4-pack you would have: "Iconic Scene" Bond Girl Main Villian Support character (M, Money Penny, Q, secondary Bond girl, etc.) "Themed" James Bond (Swim suit, scuba gear, ski outfit, Havana hat, etc.) The TRU wave would then have: Main Villian/Theme JB (New) x4 Main Villian/Theme JB (Classic) x4 Secondary Villian OR Bond Girl/"Traditional" James Bond (New) x2 Secondary Character/ "Traditional" James Bond(Classic) x2 You would have to make it through many box sets to get all of Bond's supporting characters, especially if each different actor (M, Money Penny, Felix, etc.) got a mate. It could be huge!
  22. Woot! Woot! I was half expecting these to be cancelled.
  23. I cast my vote above for Jimmy B. My reasoning is that MGM has given the go-ahead for a new movie, despite it's problems. They are undoubtedly going to want to market the brand, the name brand, heavily while they still can. With over 20 movies to choose from, DST could do a 4-pack for each one, with a TRU exclusive; similar to the Universal monsters. Possibly release 2 movies at a time, starting wig the new one and Dr. No. Maybe that is just wishful thinking.
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