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  1. Nice , can't wait !! Nice , can't wait !!
  2. I may try for this if i get time
  3. I'll take one if there still available
  4. My addiction ,whatever I can find that I want I finally think I'm done then I start collecting another line (damn you walking dead ) I have 2 totes full of mates one is all unopened and the other is overflowing with loose mates ,then I have 2 full shoe boxes with mates I want to display ... and I'm not slowing down either .
  5. If anyone can snag me a set of that stealth spidey/sandman I've got paypal or lots of stuff to trade also looking for bruce/ warmachine and the Hudson/Vasquez packs of aliens pm if you've got a set Thank you
  6. It's supposed to be him unmasked ? I suppose ? I honestly don't get it either .
  7. Thanks for confirmation that there different , May have to track them down on ebay ... not the end if the world though.
  8. That's insane bhm you've got a insane collection ... now I know why every thread I read says you don't need anymore mates lol
  9. masterbob

    Wave 60

    amazing , how do you make your dio back grounds ?
  10. so bagged or boxed ? is the question i've got mine boxed and my rare ones bagged maybe i should rethink that and i've got about 30 on display . im assuming this isnt something that happens over night . Thanks for the info pk13
  11. I'm thinking of getting into this line one of my favourite cartoons when I was a kid I still watch it here and there and batman beyond
  12. would have been nice but oh we'll not a deal breaker
  13. I'm loving the Alt faces , Not to keen on that sandman especially since we just got a perfect one at lukes ... But spider 2099 sold anymore definition then the original is great , and of course the guardians pack I like em , is there any confirmation that rocket well have movement ?
  14. Sigh to spider-Gwen being a exclusive to tru ... amazing wave !!!
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