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Minimate Theatre - Updated Every Monday - 2/17/14

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Updated 10/8/12 - #156: Dirty Asgardian Lovin

The Thing wakes up with more than he bargained for after a night of love.

"That blind f@#$ falls for it every time." I LoL'd so hard at this line. Thank you. I needed that!

You're welcome glad you enjoyed it.

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A giant schwantz that never goes soft? Not really something most women would complain about...

You've seen how the Thing is drawn. He's not smooth but rigid.

It may feel good going in but I don't it's easy to take out.

Ugh, I grossed myself out.

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Updated 10/31/12 - #159 & #160: Two Tales of the Ghost Rider!

159 - In our first 2012 Tale of the Ghost Rider we take a look at a racist Peter Parker and how Doc Strange looks to teach him a lesson.

160 - Celebrate Halloween with this titanic tussle of Rick Grimes VS the Marvel Zombies.

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