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So I had some store credit at a LCS, so I go looking for the Gentle Giant Black Cat bust. Now, I've been asking after this thing for months, requesting it. I get down there and the guy's like "I keep telling you, it's not out. Stop asking." And I'm like "Yes, it it." And he says "I would have remembered it." His boss walks up about that time and asks what we're arguing about, cause I'm getting steamed at this point. I'm not a regular, just a customer. I explain the situation and his boss goes "Oh that? Yeah, she came out back in April. We sold out in 3 days. You should have requested it."


Words. Words have failed me.

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Shipped that way. I knew there was a problem when I heard the gentle tinkle in the Styrofoam insert. Gentle Giant CS is a bugger to get ahold of. They won't help you after several hours of receipt. I hope I can get some help. This is unacceptable to receive this from the manufacturer like that.

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Hey Sam,

Thank you for reaching out to us on this one. it looks like you need a replacement . I will be sending you a replacement piece out Monday next week. Unfortunately we no longer have any of those exclusives left over. Let me know if you have any other questions


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