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Standard Minimate Reactions (or Palz Pet Peeves)

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What are some of the more common or recurrent reactions (especially first time reactions) to minimates (and other block figures such as palisades palz :P) do you hear from people?

I'll start: calling the minimate a LEGO. this is of course fair enough, as it's a much more well known brehren. Often in my IRL life though, when i notice someone has a figure (often a LEGO minifig) at their place or w/e of a certain chsracter i endeavour to bring a minimate of the same character by when many folks with exxxtensive lego collection just call the 'mates "lego (character)" even when they're playing around with it alongside an (as WE know) several times smaller and less articulated danish minifig

another iconic is of course "whoops i broke it" when first discovering the interchangability of the parts

Have any 'normies' responses to minimate you've shown them/they've seen stood out to you?

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Very few people that I know get to see any of my stuff , I'm pretty sure I don't fit into any demographic that might be called typical in any sense of the word . Here goes....

That said I can safely say that reactions to any type of Mini-figure varies dramatically depending on which character you are showing the 'viewer' .  Personally I absolutely detest the majority of Lego-figures yet I have an SDCC 2008 Joker/Batman promo set that I adore ....I must add that I am perhaps influenced by the fact that I attended that SDCC & the set has actually become quite collectable :pinch:  

There are several Minimates that I would never bother showing anybody unless they had an extreme &  particular interest in the licence . I'm not here to denigrate a toy that I love but there have been way too many uninspiring Minimates.  On the other hand who could fail to dislike almost anything in the DC series (for example )? Fabulous .

Let's not forget my favourite licence , Marvel . I haven'y got time to list how many superb characters we have had .  Currently (  I rarely have 'mates on display) I am displaying the very last WG Deadpool Minimate on my fridge ....I put a couple of magnets in his 'feet ' . He greets anybody who walks into the kitchen & gets a positive reaction from nigh on everybody !    Recent Marvel Minimates releases , I must emphasise, are superb , light years ahead of early Marvel minimate releases & ,dare I say it , as good as if not better than the very best kubricks .  

Kubricks are divisive & much of what I said above can be thrown out the window , some are shit (sorry but I strived & failed to find a more polite word) & some are quite sublime .  Palz ?  Yet again ...IMHO Buffy Palz almost look like a different style of toy when compared to X-File Palz whilst Die-Hard Palz look different again ....maybe it's me ?




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