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sticky, black oily plastic

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no, no, not that exceelent 'black oil' accessory included with the newborn alien in x-files Palz wave 2 (with included feet holes!) although i suppose history will tell. i'm posting here in case this is a problem more readily apparent in lines beyond minimates (and for somewhere to put it of course, if there's somewhere better let me know)

What's the deal with black plastic sometimes going gooey/sticky/oily? I have been meaning to ask for a while, and i recently purchased a sun-damaged spider-man 3 2-pack where both figures (but especially black spiderman) were afflicted by this, and i wonder what causes it and what one might do to treat/avoid it?

I initially thought it was to do with either the sun or this particular plastic, but now owning that i own some stealth cylons i see they too have the sort of sticky plastic; which i feel i was able to somewhat rectify with a rub across some rough fabric (denim to be precise). Could this just be the Queensland summer heat over the years, even?

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I'm told* that a water/ baking soda paste is the way to go . I would avoid rubbing too hard on any tampo'd areas .

* I am old & believe most everything I am told :no:

The old c3 'mates were prone to this & (also) years ago I had an old TV remote that literally stuck to my hand .......this was due to the plastic ,nothing to do with which TV channels I watch :sick:



BTW Always read your posts though before posting .....spellcheck decided that I had meant to type ......"I would avoid rubbing too hard on any tampon areas " :pinch:


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I have used watered down rubbing alcohol, as well.  I don't know the exact science behind it but it occurs in certain plastics and is a form of degradation.  I have found it with not just action figures/toys, but also with every day items made of plastic, like cameras, battery back ups, cups, etc.

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Thank you so very much for your suggestions and insight gentlemen! Glad to hear it's not all that uncommon Shanester (and as as ever you've left me chuckling BHM!)  and I'm very grateful to have not one but TWO methods to have a stab at.

I've left the 'mates in question tucked away (and quarantined!) a little far away at present but rest assured once I'm back near them I'll see if i can get 'em down to the lab and see if i can get them looking (or at least feeling) fab :) and of course I'll try and report back how i went for posterity! cheers again gang

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