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Minimate prices.

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Happy New Year to all !

In various threads there is a recurring theme ....Minimate prices are moving upwards.

I'm fairly certain that nobody here wanted that but should we be realistic ?

In DST's defence .....who knew I'd ever type that? ....prices/costs of just about everything else is going up ,leastways they are in my country .   So why not ,mates?

One direction now is 'value added'  ,enhanced packaging , what do you think ?


I don't expect a flood of replies but I'm interested in what you think.


Edit :  Absolutely no flood , for some reason nobody can reply :mellow:




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I really didn't know what to say to this, other than to agree.  I think the world economy in general is a minefield of specialized inflation and economic inflation in general.  Anything plastic tends to ride the oil/petroleum roller coaster and I can only image Minimates will fall victim.  I have often been turned off by the rising costs passed on to consumers.  I get more and more picky about what I buy and gave up being a total completionist, long ago.  No TRU, no Walgreens, no LCS, and almost no comic conventions, so I rarely even see them in the wild anymore.

Packaging can be entertaining, but I am a mostly loose collector, so they may as well be in brown bags, as far as I am concerned.

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Two-packs of Minimates have been at or below $10 since I started collecting them nearly 20 years ago. On the other hand, Kotobukiya model kits, to take an example—which are sprues of non-assembled, non-painted plastic—have been increasing by about $10 a year for the past five. There have been incremental price increases on four-packs, but considering the supply chain woes of the past two years and 7% inflation in the past year, I'm frankly surprised DST have been able to hold prices relatively stable for this long.

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Price is always a concern, but it's why minimates were such an attractive offer in the first place.
2 figures with a bunch of accessories, surprisingly good articulation for the size, interchangeable parts and a huge capacity for team building was pretty amazing for the price. 

The issue here in Australia is the double handling of shipping. Items made by one of our nearest geographic trading partners are shipped to the US, and then back to Aus, meaning that whatever price hikes happen in the US are generally doubled here.
For some context, Marvel Legends are currently $45 a piece here, and will soon be $50+ per figure. 
It's gotten to the point with all lines where I can't be a completionist anymore. I have neither the room, nor the budget.
I'm curious to see what the 6 packs will mean for the line. I won't be able to just by the choice 2-pack I like out of a wave anymore. But most recent waves have had a fairly cohesive theme for the last few years. 

Minimates prices are on the rise, but so are the prices of every collectible. Minimates still seem like better value. And I can fit more of them in a display. 

Plus I like you folks better than the people on other toy forums.

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