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Blade Runner & Blade Runner 2049

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I guess with the new movie not exactly smashing records at the box office, this seems far fetched, but man do I really want a couple of Blade Runner waves. Even two boxed sets would be good.

2049 set: K, Joi, Luv, Old Man Deckard.

Classic set: Deckard, Roy Batty, Priss, Rachel

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I saw this the other night. A hugely enjoyable, beautiful film that is let down by one or two actors who can't quite carry the weight of their scenes.
Having said that, the supporting cast act circles around the leads. They are fabulous. 
The sound design is incredible. The cinematography is immaculate. Every shot is a painting on it's own. Even if this were a bad film (which it isn't) it would be worth watching just for the audio/visual experience. 
I would definitely take a Luv minimate!  

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