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  1. Awesome work, specially Sandman, Death and the Silverhawks!
  2. New fresh stuff in the house. Hellboy WIP. I need to adjust the hair and the horns and reprint to match the color. Defenders of the Earth Flash Gordon The Phantom Mandrake the Magician WIP. I already 3D printed the top hat and I need to paint it but I still need a cape. Lothar Ming the Merciless WIP. Still need a cape. The Herculoids WIP. Igoo was 3D printed and still needs sanding and painting. The other monsters are already in the print queue.
  3. Thank you! DST can do a Megazord Vinimate too, why not?! Megazord, Dragonzord and a lot of big monsters to complete the line.
  4. 3D printed arcade with TMNT classic cabinet stickers.
  5. A lot of update, some old and some brand new. Changeman, a Japanese, Super Sentai metaseries television series from 80's. From left to right: Change Phoenix, Change Pegasus, Change Dragon, Change Gryphon and Change Mermaid. Black Adam These two are not mine, a friend did. Plastic-Man Surtur, using a Mini Mighty Muggs
  6. I just updated my Aquaman with Unworthy Thor's head and Captain Britain's hair. Much better!
  7. A quick update on Unworthy Thor with head and hair from Ostog the Unslain (Pathfinder).
  8. Oh, I got it now. Don't worry, my mistake. Thanks for the feedback. Thank you, Ronan.
  9. This diorama was not purchased, I made it from scratch. Thanks. The stair was something I did wrong but I already fixed it. In general it took me a week to finish everything because I built the wooden niche too. Thank you! Thank you too! About the backdrop, the top half is a Gotham City official wallpaper from DC Comics website and half down is a screen from TMNT Nickelodeon's cartoon. And here is the finished diorama!
  10. I already got one, not arrived yet. Thank you!
  11. GCPD diorama I made for my DC minimates. It has some calculation errors and it's not the same as planned but I really liked the final result, mainly due to the complexity of the project. I'm still working on it, now to hang flying characters. I will show later when everything is finished.
  12. Thanks! I actually know that the hairpiece is Dante's but I don't have him and I don't remember where I got it from. ? Thank you.
  13. Thank you! Thank you! Yes, I did all the decals using Luke's template. Thanks! And here is more: Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Martian Manhunter.
  14. Hey folks. These are my first customs, I hope you enjoy them. Gorgon Karnak Triton (still needs a fin) The Inhumans
  15. I was 11 because the cartoon debuted in Brazil in 1994 only. And we don't have Disney+ here yet. I loved X-Men, it was the cartoon I most wanted to see at the time, before or after having to go to school, I don't remember.
  16. @luke314pi do you still have the Darkness decal you made and, more importantly, could you share them?
  17. @Donny B isn't better move this topic to the Crisis of Infinite Minimates instead of Marvel? Just a thought...
  18. Well, I'm not a horror guy* but I already have a picture for that. *
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