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  1. Well at least we have Gotham minimates coming!
  2. This seriously is one of my favorite eras of X-Men. Right before it went pear-shaped.
  3. You can also use the rock with Modoc's flame base which is what I did for my Magma and Crystal (Custom) displays. Love those asteroids.
  4. Not inventing the wheel here but I just took a Terrax mound stuck a flight stand to it and just kept on trucking. Sorry for the photo quality.
  5. I can't wait to see the stickers.
  6. That moment when the office UPS Guy comes and drops off a box for me and then I realize it isn't from Luke... Sob.
  7. I'd go with Human Ranger myself. The color seems closer and I can draw my own tassels. who is she?
  8. Forgive the ignorant question but I am waiting for my sets from Luke but does Forge come with cowboy boots too?
  9. Is it too soon for me to launch into a whole diatribe about how the Inhumans appeared on Agents of SMASH and I want my Crystal?
  10. Was canceled by Fox... catch up mate
  11. Shifting the direction to the figures themselves, anyone else wish Jubes came with slipper feet?
  12. Saw these at TRU TImes Square (aka HELL) and they didn't have Wanda/Pietro but everyone else they had 3 sets of each. I bought them all and sold them on Ebay. NAH just playing I'm not other folk. Just took one each and kept on truckin.
  13. If you can scrounge up a Catwoman, that is a great base for a modern Jube.
  14. Luke - have you thought of Facebook or Twitter ads? That's what I do for a living so let me know if you want/need help with them. YOu can find me on the FB group.
  15. When did Rachel, Sage, & Spyke wear the outfits? Also, I'm team Muir Island X-Men but the thing is that on the infamous cover they wore the original Black and Gold. It wasn't until after Destiny dies that they switch into the Blue & Gold and by that point most of the team had left the island or wore their own gear (Amanda for example).
  16. This is sad to admit but I made an Excel grid to get this sorted.... Ok to make this work, one needs to order the sets (so a case and a spare) Set 1: UNOPENED (For you collectors in the audience) Set 2: Storm, Wolverine, Banshee, Jubes. Set 3: Betsy, Forge, Gambit, Kitty ('member she has a smaller bust) Set 4: Ceclia, Morph, Joseph, Spare Jubes. Now because I am an extra level of crazy, Set 5: Jean, Warren, Scott, extra Jubes (again...) One Pack to get a Rogue. Am i missing/helping here?
  17. Not very well unfortunately. We are sitting at around 1100 sold out of 3000. We have not even broken even yet. excellent question. These are at least 3 weeks out still, as Zach hasn't posted pics of factory samples yet. Wait... WHAT? How is that possible?
  18. I have been obsessed with this cover for years and it is what I expected from the Firestar minimate. I am just a kit basher but I have been working on this custom for years. This is where I am leaving off for now...
  19. I don't know why this popped into my head but Booster Gold's collar fits over the Cap cape (kinda) for those of us that aren't as talented as the rest of you in customs.
  20. Yeah I am using the extra Jubes heads to fix up 90's Jubes and my Vampire Jubes. +3 Sorry Grandpa doesn't understand this +3... explain for the class?
  21. Yeah I am using the extra Jubes heads to fix up 90's Jubes and my Vampire Jubes.
  22. A little off topic but do you guys have a good trick to seperate the leg pieces at the knee?
  23. Yeah if you order the case that covers it and then leaves two guys and a girl uniforms which I was planning on using on Cecila Reyes, Joseph, and Morph. The spare Jubes with smaller breasts is going to be a Kitty Pryde. Then debating if I want to buy another three to get Angel, Jean, and Scott into the uniforms. Can't think of anyone else I want in the costumes but I am sure that you guys will drive me crazy and I will order more.
  24. This Callisto is AWESOME. Once they get the kill Bill VIoer set out I can't wait to do it. My Sharpie skills are not what they should be.
  25. Guys, I ordered a case from Luke and I am scared I didn't enough... Did we finish the complete list of everyone in the suits?
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