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  1. I personally have had heart for a slipper foot Logan. Yes, everyone in Minimated land is 2inches for the most part but the heart wants what it wants.
  2. I’m loving the new series and books. The looks are different but I don’t think they are different enough that I would overlook my 4th Scarlett, 3rd Coco, 2nd Destro/Duke. But we could mix and match and do a Duke, Hawk, Flint and Lady Jaye and I’d stomach the repeats…
  3. We can dig into this till the cows come home. DST doesn’t want to hear it. At the end of the day 16 figures were released across 4 sets and 11 figures were the same figure. They don’t want to hear it.
  4. I will be buying the hell out of this set. I don’t care what it is.
  5. As someone who didn’t get the cats lair or tank i support lego doing this.
  6. This is what should have been done to begin with. I just hope the ambition of the footlockers didn’t kill the line.
  7. It would be like me too, but no I don’t know what happened next.
  8. Had a dream we convinced an online retailer to do a 4 pack army builder. 3000 sets made. It was beautiful.
  9. Don’t want to spoil it but there’s a reason it was the first book in the new era. Go get it!
  10. Seriously the Engeron Universe being created is outstanding.
  11. SAME! A Hanna B license spree would be incredible. Herculoids, Johnny Quest, Space Ghost and more! I also think the Silver Hawks, Jem, MASK, and Visionaries would kill it.
  12. If we “can’t” do an army builder Boxset straight out, I’d reco doing characters that *could be* army built without too much hassle to encourage multiple Boxset purchase. For example Fred: Crimson Guard, Raven: Plane Cobra, a BAT, Rock N Roll with pieces for Grunt and then a “Twin” with parts for a twin. A simple 4 pack that people would need at least two of with 3 characters that wouldn’t annoy you to have multiples.
  13. ND to ND you’re not alone. My “grievances” are the spikes and the lack of unwindswept parts. Otherwise perfection.
  14. There was that weird era where they mixed up the variant Angel (FA) and Halo blue Angel that also drove confusion. I weirdly had a few of both but that X-Factor one was a bane. I got over it because Angel only wore the costume for less than a year and you could use Archangel with the box set but those were sad times. I also love seeing the inverse. I saw a bundle of common figures that the seller was asking HUNDREDS for.
  15. Over my ten year chase for Angel I heard many a tall tale. I think the one that made sense was that there were less Angels made then x-factor boxsets produced.
  16. Deathcry is great but an Avenger. Mutant rights! Muuuttant rights!
  17. This week was also stellar. I hope we hear of merch for our community sooner rather than later.
  18. Well, I think the messaging with Joes is the problem as the Military hasn’t had a consistent popular sentiment rating since Iraq. The Gen Alpha Honey Badgers being raised by Millienials and Gen X probably won’t connect with these and their mission ever. I am thinking of it as the pívot the brand had to make after Vietnam. That’s how we got the space force etc that May be in the box sets we get this summer. My envy for your trek… it’s palatable. I’m currently learning how to make decals just for this reason as I think the ship sailed, crashed, and the remains went through a worm hole. Robots > Soldiers always. Hopefully the Energon Universe revitalizes the brand. I’ve been loving the comics.
  19. I love the Transformers mates but part of the magic is they transform… our mates do not and have slightly limited movement. They are beautiful but as a kid could I play with them or would I rather buy something that transforms? This is a nostalgic buy for me. Whereas Joes fit the play pattern and in some ways are superior to the other toys offered like Super7. On principle, Super 7 and Minimates share a similar structure of same mold slight variations on the characters (not sure I’m articulating that correctly). Where Minimates wins is the articulation and the interchangeable parts. They have managed to have perceived success because of the amount of skus and the variation in characters imho. My OG Star Trek disdain grows by the moment. I am so frustrated we can’t get to TNG which I consider “my” trek because we keep recycling the OG. Even then just give me three boxsets following Mmpr wave 2. One red shirt, one yellow shirt, one blue shirt and an alien with heads for variations and call it a bloody day. Even if you can’t do all the heads in one Boxset then just follow the formula and give us a Klingon, A Borg, a Romulan.
  20. I’m used to my role as playing the voice of dissent here. I respectfully don’t think it’s over saturated I just don’t think it connected for a few reasons. 1. Clarity that there would be an exclusive cartoon set that would be followed up with two waves with a higher price point and odd box. 2. The two waves had half the characters from the first box set. The con exclusive was also retreads of 3 figures and a lesser known comic entity. 3. The extended (but justified) rollout. 4. Distribution/access. Less we forget the original box set sold out same day. Having only 16 slots, and 11 of them being the same 4 figures, was a choice. It just makes the play pattern harder and makes it harder to justify the price point. It’s easy for me to arm chair quarter back but the footlockers should have been com exclusives and the vhs boxes should have been the mainstream buy. I am thrown that we got more Transformers done then GiJoe. I love them but the transformers mates aren’t even in the same league as the Joes. It’s odd there are more.
  21. Well, I think that’s the issue. If fans of a license and fans of a toyline aren’t willing to buy the figures at full price that sends a message that there isn’t interest. Hopefully something shifts for this line. I firmly believe that an army builder pack would sell out and drive interest in this line. Even a box set like turtles where it’s 5 figures. Off the top of my head. a BAT a Crimson Guard a twin with parts for the other. a Joe like clutch/rock n roll that can easily convert into another character Zartan with multiple heads and or shape changer parts.
  22. Well, we could eventually get a third Imperial Guard member in Smasher through the Avengers if DST was generous they might even give us the Male chest block in addition to the female one but I see your point. A play pattern I had since the 90s was just to lump the StarJammers with the Imperial Guard since we only had Guardian and Warstar.
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