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  1. Thinking it through… could the “Inferno” set have a baby Cable with it encased in a ball similar to the dungeon master? That’s a way to show off a character we have in a way we definitely don’t have him in.
  2. It really is! I even retired my Can of beams version. Who knows maybe the telepathy burst will be coming soon!
  3. I completely forgot about White suit Doc Ock!
  4. Having a think. Spider-Man Clone Saga could easily be: Redo: Spider-Man in the Dan Jurgens Costume Redo: Firestar she was around as Spider-Dan became a New Warrior and had a crush on her. Animated: Jackal. New: Puma. New: Kaine.
  5. Depending on the Illyana they can leverage the Battle Beast mold.
  6. 80s X-men has a lot to cover! From the end of Dark Phoenix to the Brood Saga all the way to the Siege Perilous storyline with Lady Mandarían. As much as I would want Inferno, Fall of the Mutants also exists in that era. Perhaps Malice as Polaris is the alternative looked character since the tooling for Darkchylde could be expensive. I did manage to kitbash one in the silver version so maybe it’s not too hard.
  7. Wait we are getting a 90s set next?
  8. Lol I’m surprised you haven’t been flagged on a list!
  9. The mask and the scarf are tightly connected so get that xacto ready.
  10. Very. Just wish we had an Echo…
  11. I have always wanted to get into the decal game and maybe is is the kick in the butt I needed. Thanks team.
  12. I have long given up hope this line will return to the greatness it was meant for. Eventually, I’ll learn how to decal well enough to make my own TNG.
  13. We can tell and thank you for the chart and your thoughts! Sorry that depression and life got in the way and I also look forward to the return of the channel.
  14. As a long time collector, I’m annoyed but agree from the brand health perspective, we haven’t had a Spider-Man Wave since 2020 and this should do well for newer fans especially with the movie streaming etc. I just don’t see a need to buy multiples of this set which I typically do. They are pretty. I just don’t see this set as something for me. I wish we were getting Marvel mates every quarter.
  15. The Super 7 figures confuse me to no end. I get the nostalgic aspect but I can’t imagine how they keep selling out. I also get insanely jealous at how deep the toyline has gone with the Joes and the army builder fun of it all. Maybe one day.
  16. Does he look 40 bucks nice? I may order a set out of loyalty to Luke but candidly this wave screams skip. So many of these are repeats that I just don’t need or want but I’m happy for those that are happy.
  17. There’s no reality where they can make Swift money….
  18. I guess my Sny filters are working because I’ve never heard of this.
  19. Hi marketing guy that is also usually buzzed when on here. Without reopening the door that leads to fights and blocks, I am not opposed to print media on principle but I would actually do a buy around digital that hyper focuses on fans of the property themselves. You are never going to convince me Wave 1 and 2 with that packaging and that price were going to be a kids toy and you sadly do need kids to buy toys. Again not knowing the full map or budget because I’m not paid to I would think this is a collectors piece for fans of the show— not the movies. That on principle would mean a hyper targeted buy be aimed at men aged 40+ with an interest group of the 80s.
  20. Look, I’m for anything that makes this happen. I’d even do a proof of purchase old school mail in thing if I had to for an exclusive.
  21. I think the inventory issue of having to make 3k is the obstacle so it would have to be more than just the 20 of us committing to buying 4 each. That only gets 160 units sold. We would need at least 750 people committed to buying 4 packs at $38.99 for a total of $156 (rounding) plus tax and shipping. Could we do it? Probably. Especially if Luke’s was the only store that had them. But it’s a huge ask and a huge lift for $117k gross. The Net is harder to calculate without knowing the licensing fees, etc. so the profit margin could potentially be slim. We, as a community, really dropped the ball with the Deadly Foes set that took years to clear out so I’m not sure there is much room for begging without having the cash in hand. This is further exasperated because we can’t raise money without knowing what we are even talking about (I.e. the Hasbro terms that may actually prevent this or even character selection). Like if we had 4/5 different troopers per pack that bumps my order from 4 to 8. But, what if we are restricted to only one trooper? That makes me only need 2 packs to get to my army builder Mecca of 7. These are things that we don’t know that DST can’t just publicly share. Moral of the story, we shall keep trying and crying. Good talk.
  22. At this point I’m ready to crowd fund and beg and plead to get Luke to just do the transaction so we can get an army builder pack lol.
  23. I’m sure someone will argue some counterpoint to this, but I had the exact same experience as Cylon in two different states. I’m nyc based and the stores here stopped when TRU took off. When I went back to visit friends in FL I hit up my old stomping grounds and they said the same thing.
  24. Hail Ivan. would this work?
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