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  1. any updates on these? issue 2 is going to be out before we get our #1 lol (I know not ur fault luke) *glares at DST*
  2. also if anyone picks these up and dont want the warcraft figs or the "secret" loot pm me and I will buy them off you!
  3. i picked mine up from or looks like you can pick them up at target if you give them the DPCI (not out on shelf's yet)
  4. Pardon my crappy cellphone pic but thought I would share
  5. thought I would share these as well.. wating on my SDCC cover and Lukes cover to ship but got frames waiting for them as well. the ashcan is signed from SDCC
  6. Still waiting on the one from digger (the only one I prob will ever keep in the package since he signed it lol) but I got my goldie today from the lady that seems to have a horde of them on ebay ;D
  7. I agree the blue is my fav of the translucents so far.. I have the feeling we will see green at NYCC
  8. you have become worse than me with that begging shit lol
  9. awww sheet ya. i knew something would suck my ass into minimates eventually lol. I came here just wanting to collect battle beasts and nothing else then ended up wanting the agent 88 stuff.. I hope this explodes and just takes off like crazy
  10. Thanks for the tacking tool Fujis still boggles me I got to sign up for multiple accounts to get multiple packages
  11. I just appreciate he is giving such awesome back the community even with the crazy shit he has on his plate atm trying to get Agent 88 off the ground. I just hope whoever is lucky enough to grab something from this man's collection has enough sense to keep it close and cherish it as much as I know I will mine.
  12. after watching the vids I am pretty nervous about Zik's wings...
  13. you would be surprised what a few big backers can do Digger should see about them blogging about it on to give ti a bit more exposure too!
  14. I am wondering the same thing as I would like to get more than one backing want to back the 18$ one and the 88$ minimate one.
  15. thanks for these!! I was hoping soeme vids would pop up for the 2 pack while I wait for mine
  16. Thanks man!! I have a Vorin from my grab bag- you can have mine. you are my new found hero! I can put my few money towards ur kickstarter! EDIT: I sent you a msg with my info and just really want to tell you how much I do appreciate this and really shows how much of a stand up guy you are!
  17. now if you could convince DST to let you put up that gold vorin also I know there is a flock of us that would be on that like flys on shit haha. def going to put something down to support you just not sure what my budget can handle atm
  18. think that was just showing off the swag bag that was gave out at the party sadly bro
  19. On the note of Agent 88 minimates anyone happen to want one and have a spare gator they would like to part with? ^_^ * Clicky*
  20. agreed, I am thinking has to be least a 400 run of them. My stress level has dropped a bit.
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