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  1. Heading out Tuesday AM. I'm hand- carrying prototypes for AEW series 4, Marvel 87 and I'm going to put designs for D&D3 in the panel. That might be it for this show, besides Marvel 86 and AEW 3, but hopefully everyone likes what they see. Looking forward, we should have some cool stuff at NYCC, as well as a few exclusives.
  2. I'd love to do the Wrecking Crew. I think classic Thor could be improved on. Frog Thor could be the pack-in.
  3. We have another TF set designed with more characters, including a certain purple-winged warrior, but this was a set we thought would be great for SDCC specifically. People like the Rainmakers, they get a lot less representation in toys.
  4. Haha, of course they are. Thanks!
  5. I love GI Joe, and they were some of the greatest Minimates we've ever made. Not enough people bought them. No cartoon, no movie, no interest. Transformers did great last year. Popular franchise. We haven't given up on Joe, but it's a tough sell to our sales department, which is still sitting on Series 1. We'll see how these do.
  6. Not sure! Still unscheduled at this point. Probably original metallics, but we'll see.
  7. Glad people like it! Barry killed it with the box design. I believe Luke can order the TF and TMNT sets shortly. Not sure when, but they will likely be in short supply, as they are limited AND Diamond will be selling these at their booth at SDCC. The DST booth will NOT have them. Just weapons for the box set, and clear bases that say 1UP, 2UP, etc. No other gaming MM planned that I am aware of, but if these do well...
  8. We have another set designed and possibly tooled, and Skywarp may or may not be part of that set, so hopefully that's the next one we offer.
  9. Not sure I can share them, but four Joes have been designed and sculpted and tooled, so I would like to see them get out there. You would like the line-up. Four Cobras have been designed, not sure about sculpted.
  10. Monday all will be revealed, TMNT and TF.
  11. We'll see how well it sells, but we were already looking at the strong Scarlett and Cobra Commander sales (thank you for pointing those out), so it's not like the existence of a GI Joe book is some kind of ground-breaking thing. I'm sure it will sell well. Hopefully we can make more MM happen. Mixing TF and Joes in toy packaging is, for us, not an option. Don't point out places they've done it before, if there are any. We can't do it. Trust me. I have not read Void Rivals yet, but guess what I just requested from my library? (Hint: It's Void Rivals.)
  12. They were going to be two-packs. I don't really remember the characters besides Mr. Negative. And I don't really remember the Shang Chi lineup at all. I honestly forgot about it.
  13. Not that I am aware of. We were going to do Spider-Man 1 video game Minimates at one point, and had designs, but I think there was a lack of retailer interest. (That window is closed now.)
  14. I'm sorry that happened, this is the first I have heard of it. I vaguely remember something about a shipping issue, but that would have been two years ago so I don't remember the details. I hope you were able to get the set elsewhere. If not, I believe we still have inventory, and I can send you a 20% off coupon code. If anyone ever has a problem with customer service, I am always here to hear grievances.
  15. Timing was what it was, we wanted something for the convention and that made sense as a special box set. Could it have been saved until after Series 2 came out? Maybe. Did it hurt orders of Series 2? Not sure -- it looks like we offered S2 AFTER the con, and while I'm sure orders were not as strong as set 1, we did eventually sell out everywhere. Placement, it was at a convention. Nothing really to be done about that. I think it sold well at the show, on the floor, but Diamond also took some for regular retailers. I think that is where sales were less strong. Maybe retailers saw it as a duplicate of what had come before? Or Diamond just over-ordered. Who knows. But presentation was great! Set looked great, gave DVD-vibes in person, and I doubt people THINKING it came with a DVD hurt retailer sales, not that that was our intention. Really, Luke is the best commenter on the set's success or failure, as an online retailer. Maybe people returned it, I don't know.
  16. Sting is in Series 3, which has been up for pre-order for a few months now. I think we actually revealed him over a year ago. And he retired from all wrestling, as far as I know. I don't think he is going to WWE. But I respectfully disagree with you about the WWE C3 figures. 🤢
  17. You may be right, these decisions are above me.
  18. Series 4 has been designed! Not sure when they'll be announced, but I think we are hoping to reveal at least one at SDCC. We may have a special guest.
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