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  1. We may not have any news until Spring, but I'm not sure how they're announcing con exclusives next year, which these will most likely be. Fingers crossed.
  2. In case anyone is interested in small display cases for Minimates, well, we made some. They're available on the Ironguard Supplies website, in packs of two. They won't hold a Hulkbuster, but most normal size Minimates will fit.
  3. Believe it or not, Arise is NOT one of the storyilines we are doing... yet. And as much as I adore Shipwreck, he is not one of the next four Joes.
  4. They will be on sail 12/6. Sub to our newsletter for updates. Water you waiting for?
  5. Last Ronin MM are in the warehouse. They may ship as early as next week, we'll see tomorrow, I think.
  6. Not quite there, but I may not be helping when I say things like "Firefly hasn't made it in yet..."
  7. NO talk of vehicles at this time. We're just trying to get the figures out.
  8. You named seven out of the first 8, but we'll see how it goes.
  9. I think we have learned over the years not to include an army-builder in a unique-character box set. We have talked about a troop-builder set, nothing firm yet. Hoping to make 3, 4 and maybe even a fifth set of main characters happen first. We'll see.
  10. Assuming all of our machinations come to fruition, they will likely be mixed up, some Cobra, some Joe, based on a specific episode/mini-series. We'll see how it shakes out. Zartan is on the list, but I think we're a little ways from a Dreadnoks set. Maybe we can do one down the road, with Zarana.
  11. I'm surprised they have any left! They supposedly sold through the amount we had available when they put them up for sale earlier this year, but maybe we got them extra from the factory, or someone cancelled their orders. Either way, snap them up, we only have five hero sets left in our own store, and I don't think our Black Friday sale has started yet. We're sold out of villains.
  12. Firefly is not in Series 3 or 4, but hopefully we can keep this series going. Army builders have also been discussed.
  13. Well, I'd argue the "never got going" point, we put out four sets, but we were just talking about the next sets last night -- yes, I was discussing them on my off-hours, that's how seriously we're taking it! Hopefully you'll see more sets offered for release next summer, we're renewing our Hasbro license and have some tentative plans. Series 3 and 4 may be slightly reconfigured for packaging reasons, but we want to put them out.
  14. Great customs! I read about them in the Marvel Handbook, but never any of their stories.
  15. Looks like yes. I had hoped it would come off, because she does fight without it, but the design sheets say otherwise. Sorry.
  16. Pre-orders open on Friday:
  17. They are in the warehouse, so they should be getting shut off soon on the site as they prep all of the pre-orders to ship. Then it will come back as an in-stock.
  18. I am not aware of more plans for more MMPR product. We had a few Gallery Dioramas in the works, but I am not even sure of the status of the license at this point. I'll keep everyone posted.
  19. Not sure if orders on Series 1 and 2 were high enough to warrant all of the new tooling that would have been needed for a Series 3. 100% new, bulky parts, no re-use, unless we just made a box of Putties.
  20. Vinimates 2-Pack ships to stores next Wednesday!
  21. At a good price, too! I am not aware of another run, sadly.
  22. YEs, they were supposed to have been delivered in late September, and I have no idea where they are. I'll keep an eye out, but they are not in the warehouse YET.
  23. I myself only have a loose one with no bo staff. I wish I'd taken more before I delivered the remainder to Nick, then everyone here would have had a chance to get one. I take full responsibility.
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