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  1. I have almost all of the ones released so far (unfortunately I haven't seen Juggernaut yet though). I like em alot, except for the two orignal 2-packs that I have. I heard the the ones out at Wal-mart seem to be a bit better than the ones originally released at TRU. I am definately gonna pick em both up on clearance tommorrow before work.
  2. My local Target still has the FF minimates. I want new ones too, even if they really aren't new.
  3. I believe his face is painted wrong. The pinkish color should not have extended onto his face if i remember correctly.
  4. I keep telling myself I'm going to stop collecting them and sell off my collection on ebay. Needless to say I was at Target yesterday and snatched up and Archangel. He is one of my favorite characters, so I couldn't resist. I have no willpower
  5. I'd love one if you have any left. I got a little bit of cash and a ton of minis to trade.
  6. I got mine today...........they suck. I wasn't going to get them at all, but I was unable to find the Street Fighter 4 packs:( I couldn't leave the store empty handed so I picked up the Speed Racer minimates. I kept the minis and gave the two cars to my 3 year old.
  7. I went to TRU today, but they didn't have them. I was able to pick up the Speed Racer minis even though I have no interest in them. It was just something to satisfy my craving for more new minimates.
  8. Those look like the old Target/Walmart two-packs
  9. My local comic book store guy said that series 2 was resolicited. Anyone else confirm that?? I hope it is true (and that he just didn't get confused) and that things are back on track for series 2.
  10. Actualy there are 5 build a figures out already: Galactus, Apocalypse, Giant Man, Sentinel, and Onslaught.
  11. First off, how many of you that use decals also use a tablet to draw on? I use a mouse and it takes foreverr to get things looking just right. Also, where are you guys getting your sheet plastic from? I went to Michaels and another craft store and the people there had no idea what I was talking about, or what section in the store that I should look for it in. I found some plastic used to make patterns in the sewing section, but the plastic is really thin.
  12. I got the one from TBT (thanks a bunch!) yesterday and am supposed to be getting one in a trade from someone on the board here. I was gonna open the one from TBT, and keep the other one sealed (which I normally don't do). Instead I'd like to donate the one that I am supposed to be getting in trade to a person on here who is unable to get one. First person to PM me gets it.
  13. I just wanted to say that I really liked the movie, even more than the first one. It had a bit of blood in it and a suprise ending (I haven't read any of the Ultimates comics, so I don't know if the ending in the movie happened at all in the comics). My only complaint is that you don't get to see much of Hulk in this one.
  14. I don't like the idea of cereal mates. Sounds kinda dumb to me. i'd rather they cancentrate on the minimate lines that they have now.
  15. I still haven't gotten one either Soon he will be mine though, very soon.
  16. I'd love to see Thundercats and Guyver mates. I wish there was a third Guyver movie. The first two were a blast to watch and I loved the anime.
  17. You guys are forgewtting about all the other customs we can make like Rambo, B.A. Baracus, Lewis's character from Predator, or even an Action Jackson mate, not to mention Hulk Hogan too.
  18. I think all the Trekkie nerds are gonna make me not want to visit that site much. I'd much rather be here anyways with all the minimate nerds
  19. I love the new Daredevil. One of the best looking minis IMO.
  20. I gotta have that minimate. I can't believe it was kept quiet until now. PLease keep us informed timbo.
  21. I'd love to see a Cyberforce set or a Wetworks set.
  22. Great work on the latest two. I gotta have that Shaun minimate. I love that movie.
  23. Nope, no idea. I was checking it out the other day on ebay. It looks pretty darn good.
  24. I bought the Batmobile and Batboat. The vehicles are cool, but the figures are poo.
  25. I saw a few of him yesterday. I'll pick him up tonite and we'll work out a trade Timbo.
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