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  1. The Untouchables is one of my biggest wants like Jatta Pake said. Predator is another big one, with Dutch, Dillon, Blaine, Poncho, Mac, Billy, Hawkins, the girl and the Predator himself all in 2-packs. But my biggest want is The Thing, it should come with MacReady, The Thing, Blair and all the others in 2-packs. That's basically what I dream about all day. lol
  2. I got the PE Terminator as well. One of my favorite figures I've bought to date.
  3. That SDCC Iron Man's my favorite Mugg ever. Worth every penny.
  4. Yeah, I saw that earlier, being the Mighty Muggs freak I am, I have to pick it up! And the retractable claws just makes it easier to buy!
  5. Wow! This is crazy! They look great! Bring on more 'Mates, DST!
  6. I'll probably be buying all of wave 2 as well. I want a little John Connor to push my T-800 around.
  7. Yeah, they're my favorite thing DST has ever produced. BW, nice site! I check it every week!
  8. Ah, nice eyes, MiniFiend!! I post there most frequently.
  9. Yeah, I had him but the loose joints on mine were terrible. And his revolver broke. I returned him. I have the Goldfinger Bond from Sideshow, Sidewshow Man with the Golden Gun Bond DC Direct 13 inch Joker, Sideshow Abe Lincoln, and Marvel Legends Icons Iron Man
  10. Yep, don't worry, waiting till my LCS gets 'em in.
  11. Yeah, now to hunt for Kyle Reese and Shotgun Terminator!
  12. Nice! I couldn't get the gasping face on my figure.
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