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  1. Whilst these look great, i'm holding off getting them because I would really love to see them make versions of the charactera from the late 80's/early 90's show! Have there been any hints towards them making waves based on that era at all?
  2. Defo Luke, they look great displayed next to it! Nice mod Mystery, might have a look into doing something like that myself
  3. Took some pics of my lego Ecto-1 Plus, scenes straight from Resident Evil
  4. I've been out of collecting minimates for a good 3-4 years but the bug has bit me again with the release of AoU Marvel series I've been looking through all i've missed (Which is a lot) and i'm trying to locate places to buy what i've missed I'm in the UK, can anyone share any tips to help me pick up some of what i've missed?
  5. I have really gone off the Halo line, which is good news for my wallet
  6. Very happy with the spidey choice like a few of you guys predicted they have gone with tattered clothes Peter Parker I'm Really happy with the minimate releases for the year although it will cost me an arm and a leg
  7. So this has started now hasn't it? I wonder when we'll start to see the first pics arrive
  8. Yeah if this goes beyond MvC and they release mates based on Capcom franchises (Resi Evil, Megaman etc...) this would be huge and i'm sure video game specific stores would stock them aswell as the normal places bringing in more fans
  9. More excited for the Capcom side of these mates but still i'm happy for this No doubt they will package them as 1 Marvel + 1 Capcom
  10. This is defo going to be a line that I want to try and get hold of EVERY SINGLE MATE They look alot better than the movie versions man I can see this costing me a fortune again
  11. So should we be finding this out today? or does TF not start until Saturday morning?
  12. Yeah that was the one, was that a fair price then do you think?
  13. Topic? How much max should I be looking at paying for one of those Minimate Max Galactus statues?
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