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Hey guys I haven't been lurking around as much and kinda have fallen out of the loop with minimates since series 30. Why is series 33 variant Phoenix super expensive?!?! I want to get her but holy smokes. I just busted out my minimates and want to try to catch up on the last year and a half of Marvel stuff but some of this stuff is really expensive now.

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Quick Answer..........

Looking for one individual Minimate from any particular Wave or box-set delivers you into the hands of the ebay quick-fixers who'll often charge you a hefty premium (rip-off).

ALWAYS look for the entire wave & you'll often buy the whole damn wave including variant for the price you'll often be expected to pay for that one figure.

So you don't want the whole wave? You'll trade those sentinels easy ,& Thor isn't that bad .

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Two answers:

1. That version of Phoenix (Rachel Summers) fits with Excalibur, one of the few teams (at least the original, core composition) DST has managed to complete. Arguably, this is one of the cases where the variant would have made more sense as the regular, and vice versa.

2. The Sentinel, which came packaged with Rachel, for whatever reason proved to be one of the most popular army builders. Ergo, you had more people buying both sets, meaning there were less variants on the open market.

I wasn't aware that Phoenix was commanding a high price, but I'm not all that surprised. If you haven't yet, I suggest going down to the bottom of the forum and taking a look at the trade thread. Definitely one of the best ways to catch up on figures you missed out on.

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