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The Happy Topic :P


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Hi People,

I thought about this for perhaps a few seconds, I dont exactly want to banish the topics from below but need a little more happiness on the board so Im gonna spread some love:

This is what you do, everyone has to say at least something to be happy for and this topic is gonna represent that, so it'll be about the flowers and gayness (the happy gay ;))

I'll start it off, I'm happy for its almost approaching my favourite season being winter... as the cold brings snow but with that coldness it also gives me good cause for staying in bed that little bit longer when its cold in the house, and also reasons at night to cuddle the one you love. Also the fact he comes home from down south <G>

Next please...



P.S It could be anything to be happy about, a fave picture or something that makes you happy :P

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sweat Reideen i am happy for you

i got a free pass to punch deadpool yesterday :D:D:D

just kidding

i have a new girl friend (yes C.S. can finally get a date) and i am 65% done with my entry in the scifi contest

ya a pretty good week so fare

Free? Who said free? It's one Gold Spidey! :D

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I'm happy cus it's finally gonna get cool down here in south TX. And I'm happy cus my mind is finally clearing up from all this yes no yes no girlfriend stuff. Why cus she's CRAZY........... :D. And of course cus I'm gonna get my Optimus that's if the delivery guy doesn't bring it here tooo late. Oh and hugs are on the house. LOL :lol:

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