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  1. Thanks, some of the designs are outdated compared to some standards set around here, but yeah I'm just happy they're being made.
  2. I know right? I know it doesn't say a date on the images but some of the older members can vouch for the designs from way back in the day of MMV So either there's some shenanigans going on here and they owe me money XD or I can predict the future o.O
  3. Hai TBT long time no see :P


  4. I thought I'd say hello :3 It's been a little while, how you been? I'm around lurking etc. thought I'd poke my nose in and see what's new and comment on the Thundercats page of all things considering I designed them ages ago.

    On the whole a lot has changed for me, I got married and moved in with the other half and enjoying life.

    Glad to see your still a...

  5. Been a very very long time since I posted here, but I couldn't help myself... ya know I find it really funny that these are coming out, when many moons ago I designed my own set I didn't think I did too bad... if you don't believe me you can take a look. Minimates Hoooo (amongst others)
  6. Ya know what would be funny... if the shepards pie was shop bought, so when you asked for the recipe they'd say tesco's, I mean that might not be the case but just throwing that out there for lulz. regs, TK
  7. Well... me being me, I love the Thundercats and in case any of you forgot about them, here's my Custom designs from many moons ago. Thundermates Hooooo! regs, TK
  8. Rad: Pretty much yeah... I have nothing whatsoever against DT but they keep comparing MS too DT and I am telling them not too, he is a tough act to follow but I might be 24 but I've watched Dr Who a long time so that pretty much meant I was gonna keep an open mind and the fact is this if DT wanted to stay on as the Doctor he could have, but he wanted to go and there's no amount of whining or throwing your toys out the pram will bring him back. But yeah things can only get better from here and I am hoping for good things oh and before I forget my partner is a MS hater so I have to live with his constant taunts but he wants to watch the show with me which might be a good sign, but I will ban him from the living room if he a) won't shut up continually text the other MS haters (cos thats all he did too me last saturday) c) if I cant watch the episode in peace. So either way its a win win for me. regs, TK
  9. I have seen this Its awesome, some good kick-ass moves (pun intended) and a really good script with quite a good few laughs throughout the film, I won't hand out any spoilers but if you get the chance to go see it go! You won't be dissapointed. regs. TK
  10. Oh man... finally people who actually liked the 11th Doctor - Eleventh Hour, I've been blasted on some forums and lynched on facebook by my friends for wanting to stand out from the crowd... but anyway, I loved the episode ^_^ Was really refreshing and well thought out, not sure on the new intro but I am positive its gonna grow on me. But anyhooo still early days plenty of to be seen, keeping an open mind but the snippets I have seen of the future only makes the new series all the better. So here's to hoping. regs, TK
  11. Wow.... its been a long time since I posted in this thread, since like 2006 so anyway just for the fun of it I still frequent youtube a lot so not much has changed but I have found a few more things, so seems quite the thread to kick start my kinda return to the world of minimates.
  12. Hi Guys and Girls, It's been quite a long time since I posted here... so yeah surprise I was poking my nose around as you do, a few other forums have gotten kinda boring as of late I won't say the name of the forum because I do enjoy browsing there but I am kinda getting fed up of similiar threads of where's such and such, and why was this cancelled... "rabble rabble rabble rabble." So I thought I'd sneak in when no one was looking and steal the cookies from the fridge Some of the newbies will be like whose this guy? Which happens but there should be a few people who should remember me if not then shame on you, I will smite you all XD So yeah me just saying hi and how's everyone doing? regs, TK P.S Is it mater? or Minimater... or the lost sock you found behind the headboard, not sure how it got there but it was there.
  13. WOW! So cool... been dreaming of these for a long time, but can I say my biggest dream has come true... I designed these back in 2006 They can be found via visiting my photoshop webpage (click the TK Minimate vault in my signature) or here TKat Concept Vault Okay I slipped torchwood in, but I have at least good reason too, go Jack! I will most definitely be getting my hands on these, I am just like... wow cheers, TK
  14. *slaps Jules about a bit with a herring* Hi Jules Doctor Who for me has its ups and downs, some really strong episodes and some catacalysmic failures, its been interesting to say the least but the this finale is darker then Who has been before, its rivetting and I cant wait to see how it ends. The new trailer on the BBC shows some very interesting things... and it casts the possibility to perhaps new changes, unless the Paradox machine was anything to go by. I am keeping quiet on this one if you havent seen the trailer then cant and wont spoilt it... nor do I want to use the spoiler tags. oh and btw, hi all
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