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Modifying Marvel Minimates


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With the new FF sets coming out and my deep love of the FF mythos that Kirby co-created, it's got me trying to expand my collection of new characters.

Both with Black Bolt and then the suprising Lockjaw making the cut, it's been my hope that DST will reward us with the rest of the Inhumans royal family. While I don't have the custom talent to make Karnak, Crystal, Triton or Gorgon (although I've been thinking about Maximus... but I just don't think there are suitable chest/collar parts to bring that Kirby feel to life already made) I tried my hand at Medusa. I think she turned out really well!

Drax boots

Sentinel classic hands

Black Cat boxed set head

Starfire hair

Betsy braddock chest/crotch

bare arms and legs

Take a look!;id=70302941

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Some great modifications guys!

Sorry I have not posted in a while, graduate school has been taking up most of my time.

However, I was toying with adding a wave 29 Moon Knight cape to a wave 13 Emma Frost.

Unfortunately, the only hairpiece I could think of using that will fit is a wave 9 White Queen hairpiece, but since I think it looks too dated, I was wondering if anyone else knew of a better hairpiece to use? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

(maybe a TRU wave 2 Captivity Six?)



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If you're talking about my Medusa, thanks! I'm really pleased with her!

I am indeed , nice work!

While I liked the green eyes of the Black Cat face, I replaced it with the Ms. Marvel head (the one that came with Ultron). It doesn't look quite as peppy... as Lady Medusa never really did strike me as the insane-with-glee type.

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When i use Moon Knight's cape with Emma i use Ultimate Thor's hairpiece. I'd rather use long hair, but the cape inhibits that.

Great call Twisted Two-Face! It looks great. Thanks for the suggestion!

On a side note does anyone know if there is any minimate with blue duck feet (for my Giant Man)?


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I call this one making lemons out of lemonade.

Basically I had no immediate use for another Victor Von Doom, let alone his first appearance, but that doesn't mean I couldn't use a Kristoff Von Doom.

For those not up on your mid-90s DeFalco Era Fantastic Four (and I don't blame you, it's terrible), Kristoff is the kid that was groomed as Vic's replacement, who after Vic disappeared decided to take up the Doom mantle for good. So for a span he joined the Fantastic Four where he played a dual role as a young Cassie Lang's love interest (he was 12) and a fill-in smart guy for the Four in place of the recently "deceased" Reed Richards. But I digress...

It's a pretty simple part swap: I used the new TRU Doom for the base, swapped out his legs for some black ones (in this case, the crappy Friends and Foes Black Cat), and switched the arms with the Secret Wars Doom. Before you knew it, I had a pretty spiffy looking (and almost perfect) Kristoff.

Now only if they'd release a 90's "Peek-A-Boo" Sue and a Lyra I'd be in business.

Hope you dig it.


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Wolverine Brown Gaijin Costume:

I am sure a lot of you have already done this, but I figured I should post my modification for the ones that had not thought of it.

TRU Dark Avengers #1 Box Set Daken, with a Wave 8 Gaijin Wolverine II left and right arm, and a Wave 29 X-Force Wolverine head (I already had a bunch of head doubles due to collecting the Hydra Army builders).

Classic Punisher:

My Summer Con Exclusive Punisher was looking bare, so I thought I would add the Holster and knife leg strap from my Wave 9 Assault Punisher to spice things up.



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mtd20_2000 - Your Punisher QC is really nice. I might have to do the same to mine.

It might be fun to brighten him up even more with the white knife-holster from the Nick Fury figure?

Rheul - Very effective parts re-use to create a Doom 2099. Awesome work.

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Continuing my theme of recreating 90s era Fantastic Four characters, I made a Savage Sub Mariner today.

If you too want your very own Jae Lee-inspired Namor, all you need is the Invader's Namor from a couple years back and an Atlantean solider. Just combine the long black hair, along with the sharp wrist thingies, with your speedo Namor and BAM! It's like it's the 90s all over again.

Hopes ya dig!


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I love the AIM soldiers. With them being tech-based, I wanted to step it up a bit and add more. I cut off a GB 2 Peter's Proton pack from the backpack. I then took an extra set of shield straps. I drilled a hole into the Proton pack and super-glued it to the shield straps, making a proton pack for usable for any minimate.




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Made a custom Doom a little bit after I got home from work.

I used:

FA Doom's Head, Cowl, Skirt, Fist-cuffs, Hands and Feet

Villain Boxset Doom's Chest, Arms and Legs

Put that all together and you get...




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Got my Vision in today and didn't care for the fading legs and arms.


So I used Loki's arms and legs and they match pretty well aside from the fact that Vision's chest has a slightly brighter color.

I gave Loki the leftover FA Doom and Loki Reborn parts. Too bad the cowl isn't yellow but it'll due. :lol:

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