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The beginning of the end for Mighty Muggs...


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I know that the only Marvel Muggs to have been sold at my local Wal-Mart have been by me. Sadly, they over-ordered the last Marvel way and haven't had any new Star Wars since they over-ordered in the fall. It doesn't surprise me, but saddens me. I wish they would at least offer them on HTS because that's we're I've been getting most of my new stuff.

Oh, and the fact that the Punisher/Jigsaw exclusives sold out quickly on TRUs website and have not been restocked since is a bad thought to how this might play out.

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I figured this line didn't actually have long in mass market. (exclusive doesn't count as true mass market) I am neutral on them, I just figured they wouldn't last. I wonder what will fall next. Hopefully those POS Marvel Legends that have come out since Toy Biz gave it up.


Still sucks to see anything go like this.

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