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eBay Links in All Posts?

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It seems to be getting a *little* more OTT than it originally was.

Its a script that has been in place for a little over 10 weeks now, we're using it it generate revenue to cover the hosting costs, contest prizes and mailing of said prizes.

Its actually generating a rather tasty amount, so I'd loathe to kill it off unless it was *really* winding everyone up (considering it took 10 weeks for someone to mention it, I guess its not?)

If people use AdBlock/NoScript etc its also a piece of cake to disable that way. If popular demand decrees I guess I could set up an alternate skin without it?

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Since I'm quite new Im all right with this idea. However I hope it doesn't irritate me the point of...REBELLION!!!!

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I don't understand the frustration. Curiosity, I get, but not annoyance, no. All it does is hyperlink a word in some posts. Don't click it. Try to resist... :thumbsup:

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If it's generating revenue I'm all for it. Hosting a site is expensive. The MMMV team has sunk countless dollars and pounds into a project of passion for almost a decade.

I only brought it up as it appears the Art Asylum blog is infected with java malware. Do you guys get more money if I purchase through a click?

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