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  1. Gotta admit, the underwhelming Endgame Minimates (both in design and not being able to find them) and the lack of Spider-Man FFH and Spider-Verse 'Mates, has really put me off from Minimates. I've always collected a lot of different toy lines, but Minimates have been number one for a while. I think that's gonna change though. Hasbro has really stepped their game up with Legends and I think those are gonna take over as my #1 toy line now.
  2. They did this with Homecoming too, I went into it thinking that I'd seen the whole movie. Boy was a wrong. That car scene alone makes that movie amazing. But also! I actually didn't think this movie gave away a lot. We don't know exactly how Mysterio got here. We didn't see his heel turn. We don't know why Spider-Man gets his new suit. I think this was pretty tame compared to the Homecoming trailers.
  3. Also, Hasbro just announced some of their spoilery stuff sooooo... YOUR MOVE DIAMOND
  4. Was just coming here to mention this! Your move Diamond!
  5. The movie came out a year ago, spoilers aren't a thing anymore.
  6. I need one of these modeled after the MCU Giant-Man! Or any Giant-Man really. I just need one!
  7. Considering 76 was a 90 storyline, 77 is mostly classic themed, and 78 is 90s inspired too. I hope we get something more recent for 79!
  8. Oh God, I hope not! 😭😭 Don't get me wrong, I'll love getting new X-Men and Fantastic Four stuff. Especially Minimates, but Spider-Man is my favorite character!
  9. No, a box set being a 4 pack. Also, when did wave 76 come out? October? And I don't think we've gotten a comic wave since. Nobody's been able to find the new Animated Waves. The Captain Marvel box set hasn't been released yet. Two Spider-Man movies that aren't getting Minimates directly for the movie. (I know FFH has the tie-in wave, but it's not movie accurate.) Obviously losing TRU was a huge blow as I assume they were their number one retailer, but since then, they've really slowed down on specialty waves, relying heavily on Walgreens who have pretty terrible distribution. Also, why don't they have Disney store exclusive Minimates? They have Disney store Selects. And the PVC statues have made it to GameStop. DST needs another retail option to get Minimates going again
  10. You might be right. There might not be a cancellation coming, but there's no denying that the amount of Minimates, especially Marvel, released per year has definitely dropped. Also, when's the last time we got a comic book box set?
  11. Allow me to go back and correct my comment earlier. To be disappointed is fine. That's an opinion, one that you're more than welcome to have. I wasn't disappointed with the movie, though I am disappointed with the Mates. However, what you said earlier was that the MCU doesn't have long term storytelling, which isn't an opinion. An opinion would be that you don't think the long term storytelling is very good. Which I don't agree with. But I was just being a dick earlier with that comment and I apologize.
  12. You don't think it's happening? Yeah, unfortunately. The line really seems to be on the fast track to cancellation. No, I think it's a really bad name too.
  13. Do you guys think we'll see anything for the Disney+ shows? Loki, WandaVision, Falcon and Winter Soldier, and Hawkeye? On one hand, the Netflix shows stopped getting box sets after season 2 of Daredevil, but on the other, these are shows that will be directly linked to the MCU and have bigger budgets, probably gonna feature a lot of costumed characters. Truthfully, my main concern is "Are Minimates going to still be around by then?" Because other than that, I don't see why they wouldn't do sets for these shows.
  14. Saw the movie earlier and I gotta be honest, I'm disappointed with what we did get. Because there were some dope ass looks in the movie! I'd love a second wave or box set, but I don't see it happening. Minimates seem to be on a downward slope...
  15. Nope! It's actually for Ultimate Hawkeye and an MCU Mysterio. But now I might need two of each piece. 🤔
  16. Hey guys! I need a few pieces for some customs I'm working on. Hoping somebody (preferably all from the same person) can help me get a hold of the pieces I'm looking for! Here's a link to the post on my Instagram.
  17. I read somewhere that there was still something at the very end though?
  18. With that new Marvel Legends figure, which is fantastic, I'd like to see Hercules get an update.
  19. Has anybody made the Cable and X-Force? I absolutely love the design and the comic. I wish they would've made them in Minimates form!
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