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  1. Sorry guys but I have been on a vacation. The Shorter legs don't add that much to the overall figure and actually are the same height as the slipper feet. For S&Gs I put a puck on the shorter legs, regular slipper foot Puck, a figure on shorter legs, a regular figure, and a DC sized figure next to each other.
  2. Sorry bud, I am trying out the Polais reciepe and already using them ;(
  3. Well, Been working on Kazar and a little happy just not quite there yet. I feel like he looks more Kamandi than Kazar... Also, how is he so freaking smooth in the Savage Land. They don't have razors?
  4. I am so against this that my body hurts. A change of that nature to make curves for a female goes against the established Minimate brand. It would be one thing if they did what Lego did which was create a separate brand but I wouldn't want them to inflict the new form into the existing brand. But, that being said, they sadly need to do something to get out of Lego's shadow which is picking up some serious steam and Marvel support. As to the shifting height debate, Maybe it's because my spouse only lets me have 20 displayed at a time (whipped) that it doesn't bother me to do a size change for Wolverine or at least the option. If he is displayed on my shelves he is always crouching anyway. I wish I could just have a Wolvie that would fit on the Throwing Hand piece. Overall, the 2 inch rule I feel limits the brand. I would do the short arms/legs for kids, standard size for Adults, and then 3 inches for Robots. I took a quick photo to show what I mean. And don't get me started on how sad I am to not have a Giant Giantman, Galactus, Watcher, or Sentinel.
  5. I can't wait for a Franklin Richards! I have a lame custom right now but can't wait to see a real release.
  6. Wow. There has always been something thta bothered me about Thunderbird's epaulette shoulders that bothered me but the black underneath it really solves that. Great job! Now to get the pieces together so that I can do the same. PS these are great photos too.
  7. I just realized I never posted a pick of it. This is a mashup of the Cyclops. In reviewing him, he is mainly a 90's Scott, with a Dark Phoenix Cowl, and thn New Mutant booties and gloves. The Phoenix is a white Phoenix body with a Heather Hudson face and Starfire hair on a Marvel Legends Firebird.
  8. I made my Morph with the Jim Lee Wolvie (MAN WE NEED MORE OF THOSE ZACH! AND A FEMALE BODY FOR IT!) and then the jacket pieces I got from Civil War Cap , Head from BSG Captain Apollo, and the SPider-Girl Brown swoopy Hair piece. All of this was made possible because IVAN IS THE FREAKING MAN. Cecil - Where did you get the Jubilee visor from? Sweet! Thanks for the rundown. I think I may have all of these parts. Actually I dug him out and made a mistake. The face was from Renfield and the hair I forgot where I got it from. sorry.
  9. Crap... I just looked at Sauron's feet. Looks like they are attached and not slip ons like the Thing No ripped pants for you buddy.
  10. I do the same. I just position him in a way his height isn't fully revealed. Speaking of height, how cool would a 5-10 inch Sentinal minimate be as a convention exclusive? I know they hate to break out of the current scale and I know about MaxiMates but I passed on those because they weren't posable. I only regret it about once a year .
  11. I'm a brat and was lucky enough to pick up two one to open and one to leave on a shelf. Personally, I wouldn't open it because for display purposes you can basically get better versions of the team easily Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Colossus. You can mix and merge to get a great Cyclops from 90's Cyclops take off the strap and use the chest piece, legs and face on a Dark Phoenix Cyclops crotch, cowl, and arms and I added new Muties boots and gloves. Original Storm and T-Bird are usually cheap on Ebay. You can also add on Giant Sized X-Men Colossus boots to Outback X-Men Pete if you want him to look larger. Giant SIzed Storm I have wanted to change her head piece for Capcom Storm but the flesh tones unfortunately don't match. Hope that helps.
  12. I made my Morph with the Jim Lee Wolvie (MAN WE NEED MORE OF THOSE ZACH! AND A FEMALE BODY FOR IT!) and then the jacket pieces I got from Civil War Cap , Head from BSG Captain Apollo, and the SPider-Girl Brown swoopy Hair piece. All of this was made possible because IVAN IS THE FREAKING MAN. Cecil - Where did you get the Jubilee visor from?
  13. I agree. I was planning on buying this set before just to have unopened but now I actually want a space army... I wish they had released this figure seperately!
  14. I would love to see that photo as well. The 90's X-Men are rising in costs which is annoying since I need a Rogue for a 90's X_Force Siryn and was thinking of suping up my Wolfsbane with the beast arms.
  15. That makes sense now sorry I grew up in Florida so I need help sometimes. Maybe you can help me sort this one out. Was thinking of doing an old school Siryn out of a Hope Summers Head, A Star Saphire neck, Phoenix chest, and Loki (from the 4 pack) arms and legs Not sure it will work though. With the hair and the neck piece. Thoughts?
  16. Well in the story Rahne is like 11 or 12. It is from a What If... that was mentioned on one of these threads.
  17. She can also wear the jacket That could work... now to get a BSG Apollo for cheap! I've also been debating but I think I am finally happy with Sue.
  18. I managed to get a Psylocke on the bay of E for $20.00 two months ago. Every now and then you get lucky but it is rare.
  19. Interesting but it looks like the tail plugs into the same unit as the wings so you may not need to cut. Speaking of cuts, I have been toying around with a short ninja do (that is not in canon) for Psylocke and the quest continues for Dazzler hair piece I like.
  20. LOL I am not offended at all. For me the cartoon made more sense because who wants their hair in their face when fighting with super villians. It is a question I have often had with female superheroes. . . and capes.
  21. I love the 90's X-Men. Although my love for the cartoon got me to switch Jean's hair to use the Batgirl extra hairpiece so thta she can have a ponytail.
  22. Guys, I figured out the line up. It's here: Beast with Wolfsbane Thuderbird with Banshee Namorita with the Watcher. End of story. Who wants to preorder?
  23. The wait to see these is killing me! LOL even though I'm not into the series, I love the characters involved and cannot wait for the mates.
  24. I think the hardest part is not knowing how the tail attaches. Meanwhile I am still looking for an acceptable blond hair piece for Kazar that is more wild and not too "girly". I have been debating between short and long hair as well but we shall see. I also want to get another Johnny Storm blode piece for use with Dazzler. I still haven't found the right hair piece for her. I currently have her using Star-Girl's hair and it is ok but still not perfect. Yes, I am that annoying .
  25. That's the funny thing about Crystal, since she is such a hub character you could have her in multiple combinations. For me, I'd love her with either a Dane Whitman Black Knight or a Ronan. She could even be in a four pack with Gorgon, Trident, and Karnak. But, she has never been made as a toy. Even when the entire second Season of the FF cartoon focused on the character. She just isn't meant to be which I find sad especially with her history in the Marvel Universe. I'd think she would at least be considered as a varient for Sue in the next updated FF line but who knows when that will be.
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