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  1. its a bunch of little plastic parts. the 2 back parts are marvel legends flight stand bases . black and white made everything come together. & thanks guys!
  2. when rick finds the riot gear. (also im aware this is not comically correct hah . )
  3. well the glen is with the bald head. so its actually real good. plus the old glenn goes for pricey numbers on evil bay.! super stoked for a new glen!! most wanted figure
  4. updated Bane & Talia on a 2 inch scale tumbler. A CUSTOM BATMAN is coming soon!
  5. You're prob right, I just have a big fodder bin. And yes there. Will be a special batman soon Really thanks for all the posi feedback here is my no paint custom of movie talia al ghul
  6. custom of SCARECROW ( Crane ) from a scene right out of the movie : mask on :
  7. hhah yes thats me i LOVE instagram and that i can hashtag minimates and see everyones art!
  8. Hah ^ And the mask is sculpt with gloss black and little blue highlights . Thanks all & posting scarecrow today!
  9. Here is a quick shot will get better photos soon, also will be posting the rest of figures from the movie trilogy Custom Bane & goons against a broken Bruce Wayne.
  10. I recently bought the SDCC aVx 4 pack and my cyclops has 2 RIGHT ARMSSSSSSSS , i was so upset. I've contacted dst and still no answer! SUPER BUMMED
  11. Good photos, why are you not over on the articulated comic book art group page on Facebook! What base is that it's killer!!
  12. I am an artist ( rocco the great ) that just so happens to love minimates!
  13. I am a time traveler. Cables my father. (;
  14. Thanks guys! And yeah I'll do some black cat and cat woman art soon!
  15. just some of my art. hope you guys like!
  16. You can use the gun that comes with the new marvel vs capcom 3 ironman!!!
  17. I think this is really sad. Trying to pimp your customs that aren't even minimate. Not. Cool in my opinion , you don't care about the thread you just was to pimp your stuff. Wack.
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