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  1. I wanted to give a shoutout to minimate customizer "Gibbledang" on instagram. he's a great! I'm an artist and have my own action figures of my character Goose Faba , im a big minimate fan so I needed my character to be in the mini world! he took the design and turned it into a minimate form perfectly! [url=][img][/img][/url]
  2. these looks so fun and have great sculpted parts. really excited!!!!!
  3. Got a nice Jeep and bike in minimate scale. Check your dollar tree stores! Also fixed up a Logan and WS Very happy with everything More pics on insta @thetoybookie
  4. perfect was looking for more posters to dirty it up. done!
  5. the is the best solid wave in a long time ( for me personally )
  6. target needs mates! i dont like going in tru , target is my go to for anything toy
  7. I actually like civilian mates ??‍♂️
  8. it' confuses me how people think they know how to run a company as complex as diamond with dealing with lots of licenses , and likeness rights , also working with concept designs all while rushing to meet the shortened time between movies now, it's not like when super hero movies came out every few years and took longer to create/film these movies. i think diamond is doing their best, i wouldn't assume they want to put out incorrect stuff on purpose. what business sense is that.
  9. prob comes with the spiderman mega blocks because it says the daily bugle on it
  10. i basically live at the flea market and those are all things i just found randomly, but i do know where the table ladder and tv came from is the old WWF micro agression figure sets. really great scale.
  11. bingo! ^ that game of thrones looking guy from those minimates,
  12. i just want classic select figures. then i'm good. i want to believe
  13. haven't heard any news about x files, has anyone?
  14. really excited for these, hope we can get some more info soon zach <3
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