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  1. Wave 1: Fine as is, but having Yellow Daredevil as the chase would've made more sense. Wave 2: Switch Black Spider-Man with Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Wave 3: Fine as is. Wave 4: Dead Gwen Stacey , but seriously, Matt Murdock all the way. Wave 5: Fine as is, but a Black and Gold Juggernaut would've been sweet. Wave 6: Fine as is. Wave 7: Give Chameleon his costume(ala the '90's Spider-Man Cartoon), and keep Jonah as the chase. Wave 8: Fine as is. Wave 9: Fine as is. Wave 10: Fine as is. Wave 11: Just switch the two Icemans, so that the clear one would be the chase. Wave 12: Fine as is. Wave 13: Make Kitty Pryde normal, and have the phasing one as a chase. Wave 14: Skipped this wave, so it doesn't matter to me. Wave 15: Would've skipped this one too. Wave 16: Ultimate Thor is my overall choice, but a green Quicksilver or a '60's Scarlet Witch would've been cool too. Wave 17: Probably gonna skip it. Wave 18: Probably gonna skip it. Wave 19: Make Vision 1.0 solid, and have him phasing as the variant. Wave 20: AoA Apocalypse!
  2. I voted Ultimates., But a classic Brotherhood would be kick-ass!
  3. Damn! I want that Apocalypse/Archangel pack even more now!
  4. My thoughts exactly! I am really hoping we see The Ultimates in an upcoming wave or box set! But, I would also kill for a '64 style Sinister Six.
  5. I was the same way. The look of several characters seemed VERY off to me.. (especially Joker) but the show really is done quite well.. IMO it has to grow on you over time.. and as has been stated, there isn't much out right now to fill the void that the JLU show left behind.. so I gave it a chance. I didn't know a new Spiderman cartoon was in the mix. I'll have to look into that. Vox Yeah, I watched the show sporadically in Seasons 1 thru 3, and then I got hooked during Season 4. Very excited for Season 5! Vox, there's also a new X-Men cartoon coming out.
  6. I'd only want Flash/Green Arrow. I really liked their costumes!
  7. Dammit, all I want is a Kyle Rayner and I don't care who he's packed with!!!!!!
  8. I like all of these, but to me this is the most dissapointing wave of DC. Kyle Rayner should've been packed with Sinestro(due to their recent "exploits") instead of Salaak. Speaking of which, I like the new torso, but the head doesn't seem anywhere near Minimatish. If I weren't a completionist(when it comes to comic-Mates, which reminds me, if anyone has a spare Robin/Penguin and the Blue Beetle/Booster Gold sets from Wave 2, drop me a line) I would definately skip the Raven/Cyborg and the Batwoman/Question packs. To me, Raven and Cyborg were always the most boring Titans, and I absolutley hate the Question as a charactor. But, I will get them nontheless. The only pack that I actually have the urge to get is the Red Son pack. The Red Son story is one of my favorite stories to come out of DC, closely trailing Knightfall and Hush.
  9. The Classic Archangel(Horsemen of Death Era) is quite possibly the best Minimate ever!!!!
  10. Well, irony in all it's not-so-splendid glory happened. Today, I was playing Some Guitar Hero and my 360 made some funny noise, so I shut it down, and now my tray won't close.
  11. I just wanted to chime in and say that I've had my 360 since X-Mas, and I haven't had one problem with it. Guess I got lucky!
  12. Antacost, I'm pretty sure it's a 2-incher, as he seems to have Ryu's/Akuma's wrist guards.
  13. They all are perfect except for Nightwing and Flash. I absolutely hate their faces!!! BTW: Doesn't Clayface look like he's straight out of B:TAS? Awesome!
  14. Thanks! The eyes and eyebrows are actually modified from an existing minimate. Can you spot which one? They're from Dimitri, right? BTW: Love the Sabretooth and Terrax. I'm not a fan of the Falcon as a character, but the custom is damn good
  15. Astonishing Wolverine with repainted Classic Wolverine Mask and Green Quicksilver.
  16. Lately, I've been rocking out to 3 main things: Avenged Sevenfold, Ozzy Osbourne and the 1983-2003 Metallica stuff. To me, ever sense Newstead quit, Metallica has been pretty weak.
  17. Minw would be Wave 2 for 2 simple reasons: Black Spider-Man and Carnage!
  18. I feel out of my seat when I read the "I'm the goddam Batman" line from All-Star Batman series. Either that or something that I still get a kick out of when ever I watch the 60's Spidey cartoon: Wallopin' Websnappers!
  19. My first pack was the Ultimate Cyclops/Ultimate Wolverine. I took Wolvie out of the package first, so I consider him my first mini.
  20. Just wanted to say that I got Spidey 3 for my DS and I love it! I think it's great how everything is controlled by the stylus.
  21. 1. Flash(Mini-Javelin) 2. Gaijin Wolverine 2 3. Man-Bat
  22. I would buy a box set of the Mini Flyer and C3 Wave 2 in a heart beat!
  23. Cut the hook of of a Spider-Man webline. That's all I can think of.
  24. Yeah, I open all mine, and if you are not a beleiver in opening, talk to Cappy, the strongest beleiver in openism on the boards
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