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  1. In honor of wave 60. Here is some fan art.
  2. Here is my official entry in honor of wave 60 of the Marvel Minimates. With my own little tweeks of course.
  3. Why doesn't Psylocke ever get a new hairpiece, it's always a reuse. Anyway, I'm getting this wave for the Brotherhood and Banshee and Forge WOOOOO! Anyone else think we should get an old school Rogue to go with the brotherhood?
  4. Nice Profile pic!

  5. Some of these gifts are awesome, makes me want to particiapate next year. Not to recieve awesome gifts but to SEND awesome gifts. Will this be available next year. That Spiral Minimate was crazy awesome, and someone even received a production sketch. I'm so jelous
  6. More pictures
  7. I love this wave! It is great! Although this is what is clearly happening in this wave ..... I sort of want to do this to Forge! But regardless, I'm so glad I can display the Brotherhood of evil Mutants like this now......
  8. I've actually recently starting reading All New X-Men and it's really good especially the Battle of the Atom story. I'm definitley getting this wave. Now I kind of want to see other contemporary X-Men Minimates.
  9. We need a group shot with Psylocke in it! Anyone?
  10. As per Luke's Toystore Facebook Page "The Brood are invading this week, as Marvel Minimates Series 47 arrives on Wednesday evening! " :biggrin: Woohoo!!!
  11. I feel that we are entitled to some more pictures because of this. C'mon Zach!!
  12. I only collect X-men Mates and just recently started collecting Street fighter mates. I have that Akuma and Modok set, and I have to admit, Modok is pretty nifty looking.....anyone wanna trade? I didn't see any tampo distortions or anything on the one I got.
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