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  1. My current profile picture is actually a picture of me, but I tend to use silly profile pictures more often than not. Most of my friends have come to expect it from me.
  2. Haha. We actually had a cake at church on Sunday that said Happy Birthday Jesus on it. No candles. Merry Christmas everyone!
  3. If you just need a picture, let me know, I can probably help you out with that one. Thanks for the offer, buddy. I've got a set on order.
  4. I had at least three of every character produced at one point, and was even lucky enough to own one of the Gold Spideys that I actually won at Wizard World Chicago. I bought Minimates by the case as well as picking up extras at comic stores, Target, TRU,etc... I was well on my way to becoming the US version of BHM, but then a few things happened that I needed money for, so all the extras were sold off, but I retained a complete loose collection. Then, another year or two later, I discovered Hot Toys figures, and ended up selling my ENTIRE collection to fund my Hot Toys habit. A move I truly regretted, but what's done is done. I currently own fewer than 10 Minimates, and it sucks because I've never enjoyed collecting a line of toys more than I enjoyed collecting Minimates. I'm sorely tempted to jump back in, but I know that I will never be able to replace what I once had without spending a ridiculous amount of money. :/ At the very least, I need to buy the Venom 4pack so I can give myself a proper avatar.
  5. Thanks. I did spray a matte clear coat onto them when I finished, but I did a other set and actually liked it better without. Even though the clear is matte, it still created a gloss that I really didn't want. I've also completed a third set using dark greens to highlight the skin, and dark brown to highlight the shells. Gives them a much less "dirty" look. Oh, and yes, the paint used is standard acrylic paint you can find at Michaels, Walmart, or other locations. Just wash the figures first, then brush then wipe. Easy peasy, Japanese-ie, as Brooks would say.
  6. I love the MH dolls. Started to collect them but needed the funds for other things more.
  7. Jeff, your turtle displays look amazing. Nicely done!
  8. I kind of like the tech decks better for the classics, but they still look pretty good with the Nick Turtles.
  9. Dressed my TMNT Classics up for Halloween. leoasindy by TheLegoJoker, on Flickr Leonardo as Indiana Jones. mikeasghost by TheLegoJoker, on Flickr Michelangelo as Ghost. raphasbaby by TheLegoJoker, on Flickr Raphael as a Toddler. donashoneybooboo by TheLegoJoker, on Flickr Donatello as Honey Boo Boo.
  10. More B&W fun, this time with the Classics... TMNT Classics Raphael B&W by TheLegoJoker, on Flickr TMNT Classics Leonardo B&W by TheLegoJoker, on Flickr TMNT Donatello B&W by TheLegoJoker, on Flickr TMNT Classics Michelangelo B&W by TheLegoJoker, on Flickr
  11. Somebody say Turtles??? Yes, I know the picture is grainy. I did it that way on purpose. I've been enjoying the show, and the sculpts of these figures are exceptional. Only thing missing is some painted detail, which is easily remedied with a bit of black paint and water. Donatello B&W by TheLegoJoker, on Flickr
  12. You could always keep a higher asking price and hope the demand stays high, but from the info I've gathered, the longer you wait the more saturated the market will become. Good luck with it, man. I hope you get what you want... or at least close to it.
  13. I haven't been able to confirm this, but I've been hearing that they are popping up more regularly now. I guess as LEGO goes through their old stock, they are filtering in the newer cowls. I've also seen images showing that LEGO has modified the new cowl to sit a bit higher on the head, so it sits right on the head. Not trying to be a downer at all, but I expect the blue cowl to be in abundance in the very near future.
  14. All Turtles Go to Heaven... Or Not by TheLegoJoker, on Flickr
  15. I know this thread is for the TMNT Classics, but man, these Nick Turtles rock! TMNT Nightmares by TheLegoJoker, on Flickr
  16. Stay safe, bro. Hoping and praying you guys get through this unscathed.
  17. I agree, Jeff. The articulated fingers could have been left out. They don't look so great, and they don't work well for holding the weapons. They are incredibly fun to pose, though. Samwise, nice display case. I particularly like Donatello's pose.
  18. Started on the weapons. So far, I've painted Donnie's bo wrap white and Leo's swords, Raph's sai, and Mikey's nunchuck chains silver. Waiting for all that to dry, then will paint the handles. Haven't attempted anything with Splinter yet, but I've been eyeballing him as he sits obliviously on my shelf....
  19. Thanks guys. Yes, those are the Nick Turtles, treated with a diluted black paint. I'd never attempted anything like this before and I am completely thrilled with the result. The classics (which I finally located at Kenwood's TRU) are awesome but the Nick Turtles were blessed with amazing, textured sculpts and the black wash really takes the sculpts to the next level. Funny thing is I was only going to get the classics but now the basic line has become my favorite.
  20. Wow, that was really cool. I like Batman better, but that video is pretty accurate as to how a real battle would go down between the two of them.
  21. Still haven't found any of the Classics in Cincinnati. I've got the whole assortment of Nick Turtles, but I really want the classics. Man, those pictures look great! Also hoping to find a set of Neca turtles at some point. I like the Playmates versions more, but the Necas look pretty cool as well.
  22. Thanks for the code. I found these over the weekend, and I already have Mario, Bowser, Luigi, and Yoshi from series 1 and the blind bags are difficult to feel for the way they're wrapped. I held off on buying any, hoping to find something like this. You're the man, dr baghead!
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