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  1. I think Ivan stopped updating it himself years ago and he had someone else on here take it over. I'm almost positive there was a post about it years ago.
  2. Any chance Zach that future releases will have backpacks like the old toys did? It is one thing that is really missing in my opinion.
  3. Thanks SuperChefMate. Mine arrived yesterday.
  4. Any word Zach on when the Ninja Force sets will be shipping to retailers?
  5. It would have been really cool if Presto came with a regular hair piece and a hat that he can hold on to to pull things out of like in the cartoon. These still look amazing otherwise and I can't wait to get them.
  6. I'm thinking it's D-Man. All they need to do is repaint a Wolverine mask and include a different head.
  7. Which Exiles team though? I'd love Blink, Mimic, Morph, Nocturne, Sabretooth, and Thunderbird. I know that not all of them were on the team at the same time, but they were some of my favorite characters in the Exiles comics. I'd be ok with replacing Thunderbird with King Hyperion also.
  8. My guesses are: Punisher Elektra Echo Typhoid Mary No idea on the other two villains but I would love a new Bullseye minimate. We are long overdue for one. Perhaps a new Kingpin for the final bad guy? Did I guess any correct Zach?
  9. I feel that they barely scratched the surface of Thundercats characters. There were so many more that could have been made.
  10. Zach is there a reason that we are still waiting for series 1 of the G.I. Joe Minimates, yet we have received a few series of the Transformers Minimates already? I believe they were all originally announced around the same time. It is just odd to me that Transformers Minimates have been shipping at an ok pace yet we still haven't even received wave one of G.I. Joe. On a side note have you guys attempted to get the rights to make Thundercats or Silverhawks Minimates? There is a lot of love out there right now for toys based on 80's cartoons. I'd love to see a few new sets of the Thundercats Minimates along with a few Silverhawks sets. There are so many cool characters from those cartoons that would look great as minimates.
  11. I'm definitely down for this. Thanks for doing this Zach!
  12. I'm going to pass on this set. I'm glad some people love it though. I was just never a big fan of the Marvel Zombies. On another note, I think switching to 6 packs and these new packages when you did was horrible timing. I don't know if it was decided before the pandemic or during it though. If it was before the pandemic then you could not have seen the shit show that this world is currently dealing with (lack of workers, shipping issues, inflation, etc.) If it was during the pandemic you guys should have held off on trying something like this. I used to buy multiples of the two packs. Sometimes I would buy a two pack just because I could use a part or two from it for a custom. At the current prices for these six packs I just can't see myself buying more than one set. I think you guys are going to end up losing money in the long run due to this. It should have stayed as two packs with the occasionally six pack thrown in. $15 for a two pack would have been easier to swallow for most. On the other hand, I would gladly pay $10 for a single carded G.I. Joe Minimate as long as he came with a lot of accessories. That is just due to nostalgia, and the fact that I think G.I. Joe Minimates should be on the pegs at Target instead of those crappy, overpriced reaction ones.
  13. I don't recall all the hints but could this be the X-Men Animated minimates? It's on Disney Plus and they are going to be coming out with new episodes soon.
  14. Green Ranger was only bad for a few episodes. If you have Netflix you can watch it on there. My 4 year old grandson is suddenly into Power Rangers so I have been watching it with him. We are two episodes past where the Green Ranger turns good. Its pretty bad/cheesey but he likes it.
  15. I just got my set in today and think they look awesome. I do have a huge issue with Megatron though. His arms fall off very easily. Does anyone else have this issue? It looks like the hole that the shoulder ball joints fit into are way too shallow. He is such an awesome minimate and this is so disappointing to me.
  16. How about a set from the new Predator movie (Prey) coming out next month? A four pack would be great. Plus I really just want a whole reboot like I mentioned earlier in this thread. Fully sculpted mandibles and longer dreads on the Predators would look fantastic. Mezco did it with their Predator Mez-its so I don't see why DST couldn't have also.
  17. Zach is there any chance that you can look into the license to get clarification on what characters you can make? AD&D was only around for about 12 years before they decided to drop "Advanced" from the name. The only notable characters from that era would be from the cartoon. Everything else would just be generic characters like Paladins, Rangers, Wizards, etc. If the license includes D&D characters then there would be a ton of Characters from all the novels for you to pick chose from. There is Drizzt, Lolth, Artemis Entreri, Bruenor Battlehammer, Wulfgar, Cattie-brie, Regis, Obould Many-Arrows, plus just regular orcs, trolls, etc.
  18. Still crossing my fingers for MOTU minimates. I don't know if it is possible with the Mega Construx MOTU figures being out there plus the Eternia minis. Silverhawks is also a big want but I don't think it will ever happen.
  19. There is also a minimmate Rocketeer helmet and jetpack on Shapeways that you can buy.
  20. Tiamat would be amazing but I don't think it could be done as a minimate. Excited that we are getting Warduke though.
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