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  1. Lego designers actually did re-design it. While the majority of the build is the fan design, they do modify it. I get what you're saying, but at the same time, I hardly ever keep lego sets exactly as lego designed them. I've also been inspired by fan designs.
  2. shyguy?! boo? paratrooper? Man, bring on the bad guys. That series looks good.
  3. I know. I popped into one that had nothing but doc samson and then a lone standard version of absorbing man, who I don't have, but passed on anyway. what if they had something else indeed.
  4. Did lego decide to produce more of these and send them out randomly? That's really strange.
  5. I know I've seen it, because I've held it in my hands before. They may have been at the lego store. I swear I saw it somewhere more local. Cause my lego store is an hour away. I really feel like I saw it twice though.
  6. The wine barrel set will be an exclusive as lego listed it "hard to find". Probably target, maybe toys r us. I was at toys r us and spotted the hobbit elf gaurd poly bag set. Neat set, but it lacks elf ears which bothered me a bit.
  7. I got Elrond. Gamestops had Elrond since the handheld versions of the game came out back in october. I went to pick up my game, they didn't have it, asked for Elrond, and then when they called me about the game, didn't go back to pick it up. All I wanted was a the figure, and I basically paid 5 bucks for it. He's pretty neat. I might pick up the game sometime when the price drops.
  8. I think the Frodo set is the same as the one at stores. The cooking/kitchen one.
  9. I don't need orcs (or uruk hai) myself. I'm going to go crazy trying to get elves. I really don't know what I'm going to do about elrond at gamestop, besides get at least one. I'm the glad that 2 of the hobbit sets have at least two elves. I wonder how many mirkwood spider sets I'll be picking up just for the elves. Oh, here's better scans of that hobbit poster
  10. You realize that ballista exclusive is free and is exclusive to the UK, right? It's being given away with a newspaper there. Well, it was suppose to be, it seems it fell through. It has yet to be announced as a retail polybag set. Also hobbit pictures
  11. A little guy arrived in the mail today. Thanks guys! It's awesome.
  12. Who's ahead?! Is Ichabod Crane? Do I have to cut off the head of a statue? If so...simpsons did it. Wait, simpsons treehouse of horror? Kodos? Ross Perot?! Is it Ross Perot?! Did I win?
  13. Ah, thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to hit up TRU and keep my eyes open.
  14. [quoteI'm thinking 2 of the Haunted House sets would have enough parts to make a Haunted House with either taller rooms OR longer hallways. I also want to get a 2nd Vampyre Castle to make the rooms taller for 'mates. ] I was thinking about this, you should check out this detailed review. Looking at it, I think you could certainly make the building taller. I don't see you being able to fully combine the 2 sets. Having 2 would give enough parts to make it bigger. Longer hallways is doable, but it looks a bit tricky. You might be able to straight combine them, but I dont know if the opening closing will be as functional with that much weight. I also hate to do this, but have to ask. Since each set comes with 4 zombie heads, (well 6 counting the 2 that go with the minifigures) if you end up with 8 of them, are interested in keeping all of them?
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