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  1. I am very excited about this wave and have been ever since its announcement. Hopefully it is released sooner rather than later but whenever it is, I'm immediately snapping up the whole wave. Plus a few extras for customization.
  2. sinnsyk

    TRU 19

    Found complete set in Okemos, Michigan today. There were still a few left that i didn't grab. The Mysterio I love and surprisingly i really like the Iron Man. Wasn't going to buy the Wolverine and Sentinel, but ended up. The detail on the Wolverine is really nice.
  3. I think these will sell well and will bring in some new casual fans but not for me. I just don't like Spongebob.
  4. I still love that Nick Fury by the way. I love the look of these figures. I collect for teams really but i limit my display to one version of a team usually. So all of these for me are just variants of figures i already have. Some will definitely replace what i currently am using for my X-Force display. I will probably faint the day something 90's X-Factor is announced. Which is of course just a matter of time.
  5. I dont like this new trend of gluing items together. Example: The Age of Ultron: Nick Fury. If i want it glued i will do it myself but i prefer the option.
  6. Its sponge bob. No interest personally but im sure many others would enjoy.
  7. Shame on the MLP. Kids would go crazy for Arthur. I would go crazy for Shirt Tales. I totally would not want the Ewok TV series but if that what needed to happen to start giving us Star Wars Minimates, i would buy them all.
  8. My daughter and son would both absolutely love My Little Pony minimates. I'd be buying a case for sure.
  9. I'm thankful for minimates because they allow me to have something to bond over with my son and my daughter. I've missed a large portion of their childhood being in the military and minimates brings us together.
  10. Hi, I post here from time to time but ghost every day. My wife runs a geek blog and is having a give away. Im not sure if this in an appropriate place to post this but i figured i would share this with everyone. Doesn't cost anything and maybe you could win. If this is a big no no just let me know, no harm intended.
  11. Properties that I would see to see in minimate form: NFL (could have a box of set teams best players in each team's stadium store.) He-Man G.I. Joe Stars Wars (of course) Final Fantasy VII Indiana Jones DC (of course, not going to happen) Spawn Musician Box Sets (Things like a 3 pack box set of Nirvana, or for the teenie boopers a box set of One Direction) X-Men: Animated Series (bring on the X-Men love) Lost (i would sell my and your soul to get these) Aqua Teen Hunger Force Trailer Park Boys The Office (American Version) Star Wars (seriously they are owned by Disney now, make this happen)
  12. Here are my current top 10 Marvel wish list: Toad Black Knight Tigra Mockingbird X-Man Quasar Strong Guy Sunfire (Giant-Sized X-Men) Xorn
  13. I am so f'n excited for this. I was looking through this and my 5 year old saw them and was immediately jumping up and down screaming I want that Blob and oh my god pyro.
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