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  1. $16 a set would be better than never finding them at all. I think not being able to get them will upset more people. I'd be willing to pay more just to have them in the collection.
  2. any word on where the logan and deadpool sets are at yet?
  3. Whats going on with the logan/laura pack and deadpool/negasonic pack? Are those ever gonna be available somewhere?
  4. So I was reading somewhere that Diamond select was going to be making minimates based on the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon from the 80's. Which I think would be awesome!! Anybody know anything about this at all?
  5. Maybe the wave 11 ones are like the Toysrus web site ones years ago. They'd get like 1 sample case a few months before the actual release date and they would go up on the website. Maybe Walgreens does to, and they just happened to be shipped around that area??? Just a guess.
  6. Checked like 10 stores mid-state in Wisconsin, and just old stuff.
  7. looks like wave 2 from infinity war hanging there least I see Gamora
  8. looks like someone else in oshkosh is hunting for minimates now. i noticed someone has some the new sets up on ebay now. just what i need is competition in finding these sets and from scalpers at that!!!
  9. Found series 9 in Oshkosh, WI today, still haven't found series 8 though....
  10. finally found a set in Oshkosh WI, now hopefully I can find the new animated set soon.
  11. nothing in central Wisconsin either. been checking about 10 stores regularly. no new animated ones either.
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