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  1. Yeah, I can't deal with them either. I'm going to do it so that the current fight is just posted here like usual for a week and then when a new one goes up I'll go back in and switch to just a gallery link and then it should be all good. I didn't know those bullshit ads were there either until this morning. It'll be fixed by tomorrow. And no, I didn't count the weeks I missed but there were a few weeks where I did 2 fights, so it all works out.
  2. I got them off eBay and they're the Japanese releases, which is why they're zyuranger pacakged and not MMPR packaged as I learned the US releases are at SDCC. I have white and pink on preorder through amazon now so my boxes aren't going to match, but I don't care. They're the same figures. I think the best thing about these is that he's free standing doing the moonwalk, there's nothing holding him up. That speaks volumes to the balance of these figures and for me that's a huge deal. I only have the one stand because it came with Vegeta, but I need more. And now I'm really hoping the sailor moon line is as awesome as these because I'm picking up Venus no matter what and I would hate to have her falling over constantly. This really is an amazing toy line, and if you can get them early, they're fairly inexpensive. Also as far as I know there is not a figuarts thread. Never bothered me because I never had any. Not the case anymore.
  3. So in order to save on Photobucket yelling at me all the time, I'm just going to post a link to the first picture of s fight and then you can all just click arrows through to the end. It might actually be better this way as it is kind of fun to go through these things like a flipbook as opposed to scrolling down. Hopefully that will shut them up and it should save on time loading the actual thread here too, because that takes all kinds of time for me. So let's give this a try. TTFC #0058 - It's a Scorcher! I'll most likely go back to all the old fights and do this as I get time, but until I do, We'll all just have to do what we can to not upset the lords of bandwidth. Note: I can not make this work mobile. Photobucket's site is a piece of junk for me at least. Sorry about that.
  4. Zach's alive! All hail the conquering hero, returning from battle.
  5. Gill bob, you and I seem to be a lot alike in this specific situation. I watched the show through Turbo, but then kinda of got busy and while I know every season and things and have seen episodes here and there, I haven't seen it entirely. But I am in fact still a fan and while the original is always going to be my favorite interms of suit design and whatnot, I know that a lot of the later stuff is awesome. So while mates wouldn't be huge for us, they might be big elsewhere. Where I think they need to seek them is Target. It's 2013 and my target is regularly emptied out of any and all power rangers toys. So yeah, I want these minimates and now is definitely the time to put them out there, but if they don't happen they don't happen. No big deal. I would buy crazy amounts of Zeo. But oh well, I have my figuarts rangers now. (check the non-Minimate photo thread for that)
  6. So... It's Morphin' Time. This is where the end of my world begins. I now have to buy ALL of these because they are amazing. I bought the DBZ figures as a test to see if I liked the Figuarts line BECAUSE of these. Now, I'm done for. The Green ranger is excellent. The dagger is beautifully sculpted and he is so great. I hardly remember that sword, but damn does it look awesome. I feel like his coloring is a little off but I have no proof so who cares. He's awesome. But Red? Oh my god Red. Always my favorite and this might be my favorite figure ever made. He's flawless. And then they have to fight, because that's what you do with toys when you're eight years old, like me. You make them fight. Generally by just smashing them into each other, but I've learned some things since I was actually eight. Now I just feel like I'm eight. Also, because I can, moonwalks.
  7. That's a lot of- Cats. I was always going to say cats.
  8. I've wanted to go SDCC since I was in high school if not earlier. Have never been and probably will never get to go really. It's one of those things where I've seen the chaos and I've heard from people and while I don't at all think I would enjoy it by the end, it's just something I've always wanted to do. Here's to everyone who is going. Have a good time and get some cool stuff. And good luck to our friend Zach, who's probably going to be more exhausted than all of us by the time it's over.
  9. I got these off eBay which is where I get most of my stuff these days and so my explanation as to why goku is already opened is that I had to make sure it wasn't broken or something. Because, you know, that's a real thing that happens and stuff. The fact that I then say and took pictures for a couple hours means nothing. Looking at it now, the original SS Goku has more of an orange to his outfit while this one is a lot more of a gold/yellow tone. I don't care but whatever. If anyone has a SS Vegeta they want to get rid of for a reasonable price let me know, because I can just take the head off this one and put it on that guy since they apparently use the same head mold, so that would be nice. Next up, maybe, oh I don't know....
  10. I know. Photbucket has decided I take too much advantage of them and killed me. I'll fix it later this afternoon
  11. So today, this happened: I have never bought a Figuarts figure before, but I kind of just caved on these two because it was a really good deal. Ultimately Vegeta is mine and Goku will be a birthday present for a friend, but I had to check them both out because they're new and I've never had these before. I'm not to keen on Goku, but even I have to admit he's kind of badass. He also comes with scary face, for, I dunno, going to the proctologist or something. Vegeta was the big seller for me. He's always been my favorite DBZ character for no real reason. I prefer his non-super saiyan version, and while my ideal Vegeta would be from when he's on Namek and has no ridiculous shoulders, I admit this is a close second. He comes with four seperate facial expressions, a bunch of hands, a couple engery blast things and the seperate crossed arms piece. The Scouter also is detachable from his head, you know, in case things go over 9000 or something... He also has 2 different tail pieces. The one that curls around his waist and one that kind of sticks out like you would expect it to. All in all, I'd have to say I am pretty pleased with these two and I think now I feel more comfortable with the figuarts line. Which is good because I already bought two more and they're on their way now. Expect to see those in a few weeks.
  12. Here's the thing, Power Rangers. objectively, really is terrible. That said, HELL YES I WOULD BUY THESE. The show might be garbage, but the ranger designs and monsters, zords and weapons and everything else is some of the best stuff on earth, for me. I love those helmets. And I have no hope these would actually happen but I would buy cases and cases of them. And yeah, I came into them when I should have been watching other stuff, I was just outside the "target age" but screw that noise. I still have a lot of good memories of that awful show, and minimates would make me happy.
  13. I have no access to a TRU at all. The closest one is a few hundred miles and not worth the drive. I have a friend who lives in another state and he lives right near a TRU so I have him get minimates for me. When new ones show up he picks up at least one full set for me, more if I know people here need them in which case I offer to help out. Generally though, new sets don't show up until moths after they initially get released. So we wait a while and if nothing has been bought then I just have him scoop up the rest of what's left. This has only ever applied really to marvel and universal monsters though as just about everything else goes out like mad. So then I sit and waits months at a time for the next time he comes here to visit and brings me piles of two packs. Even with us buying just about everything, that TRU has never gotten a box set and they never got battle beasts, which sucks because I want a moose. So I honestly do not know what goes into determining what TRU gets what and when. Their system is entirely faulty.
  14. If going translucent purple and marvel at the same time, the only way I see to go is Wonder Man.
  15. Is that a real thing? I just... I can't even... I love you Zach.
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