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  1. My secret santa package arrived today! What a heck of a haul, I gotta hand it to my Santa, they outdid themselves! Here is what I got: Spidey/Goblin Pack, Spidey/Ironfist 2 pack and Spider-man 6&7 comics An awesome Spidey case/manpurse kind of thing: Cool Frankenmate Swat Team Spidey Sexy Mary-Jane in partial Spidey costume Needless to say Swat Team Spidey took advantage of that: And the best of all..a rare and limited and coveted Silver Spider-Man!!?!!!!!! It's funny, I thought DST would be a little more careful with the markings. It looks like they were put on with sharpie. Aw well. Wait a second: Cheers to another awesome Secret Santa! I hope mine is as happy as I am! I'm going to take a guess and say mine was vbpanizzi!
  2. The old school Punisher looks great and that Kingpin is awesome!
  3. I love that Scarlet Spider! I would like to own it! Wanna sell it?
  4. dont forget my fellow canuck that many TRUs here carried the movie Iron Man2 wave, some had the friends and foes crap box...there was some others too I thought, maybe the modern heroic age? Jeff of the Miniacs I found the Modern set and the Captain America 4 pack as well here in Calgary. So I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  5. I hit 5 TRU's around Los Angeles today. No Wave 10 yet sadly.
  6. Sorry for the necro, but just wanted to say that I got a response from DST in 24 hours in regards to my missing hammer from the Thor/Destroyer 2 pack. New hammer is on the way!
  7. Thanks for the replies guys! I'm going to have a lot of running around to do while I'm there. We were in LA last April for a day. So I got to check out Secret Headquarters (which was featured on Storage Wars a few weeks ago) You are right, nice little store, but sadly lacking in Mates. Keep the suggestions coming though. I'm prepared to do some driving to get the goods!
  8. Hey guys, Are there any members out there that live in LA or frequent it? Taking a trip up in March to see the inlaws. I'm planning to spend a full day running around looking for goodies, so if anyone has any hot spots that would be awesome. So far on my list I have : Meltdown Comics Hi-De Ho Comic Relief Anyone know of any TRU's that have a good minimate selection? Being from the northern land of zero minimates at TRU's I'm looking forward to spending some cash in the US of A. Cheers, TheSpiderX
  9. It was indeed me. I'm just glad they got there alright! I was slow to ship, so I was starting to freak out when it hadn't gotten there yet. I'm just glad you like them, I hope you don't already have them. It's damn hard to pick out things like that. Haha!
  10. Oh yah I forgot to add my reply on here! I got the damn sweetest Secret Santa gifts ever! 4 Freakin awesome customs and a 6" Chameleon figure I always meant to procure. Don't tell me wife, but these gifts kicked the butt of her presents. haha I really have no idea who my Santa was, but to guess I would say TM2 Dinobot!
  11. So what you are saying is that we get the same figures over and over again. Well Spidey didn't show up in a wave from 31-36. Nope no Hulk's in there either. What I don't understand is why some fans seem to think that what they want should be more important that what others want. I'm a huge Spidey/Hulk fan and love when they get included in the waves. I'm not big on the X-men stuff, but you will never hear me gripe about when they get included. Here's something novel, if you don't like it, you don't have to buy it. It never ceases to amaze me that, we are so damn lucky to have a line of figures that has gone on for so long and keeps expanding, yet there are always people who will pick apart each wave and complain about it. Just sit back and enjoy the fact that we are getting figures made that probably have never been in figure form before. There are always more waves coming down the pipe people.
  12. Sneriously? I hate calling other TRU stores for that same reason. Anyway more bad news, looks like all Halo mates have been canceled and also wave 9 of Marvel. Looks like All we gets is the four-packs Dang,I wanted some of wave 9.Which 4 packs are coming?the heroic,cap and halo? I found pegs full of the Heroic Age and Captain America set here in Calgary today!
  13. On the other hand, far fewer than 50 of the un-numbered ones exist, so this could be considered even more rare. As an opener, I would greatly displease the gods if I opened a bagged, numbered Silver Spidey. Until last night, I didn't even know un-numbered versions existed. Anyone know if un-numbered Gold Spider-Man Minimates exist? They do indeed.
  14. I have one. It's great. Super quiet.
  15. That is a very interesting character that morphs into Fury. I can't really put my finger on it, but he looks oddly familiar!
  16. Can you please take a pic of the spider-man without anyone else? They are little silver cylinders on his back. They in theory are supposed to attach in there. Not so much.
  17. I can't even get 3 of them in, let alone get them to stay in! BTW for those who are wondering, Docs arms are actually in a tray under the normal tray holding the mates. I've personally never seen that before, but I don't have all the packs.
  18. I can't even get 3 of them in, let alone get them to stay in!
  19. I'm just taking a good look at them, and all the same issues are present in mine as well. Weird skin colours, bad spidey face and Ock's arms not fitting in. I can deal with Vultchy's wings being yellow, but it's still annoying.
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