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  1. Ooops - started a new topic about this, but seems it was already being covered here. Deleted my thread and am just copying me post in to here: Promobricks have recently leaked that we might be seeing an X-Mansion set from lego in the near future. The site is in German, but their article translates to: X-Men Headquarters measures over 10” (25cm) high, 21” (53cm) wide and 6” (17cm) deep. The two-story building is tan and dark-tan in color and has a gray roof. In front of the house is an entrance gate with a suggested fence. Nothing can be said about the interior of the property, but the back wall seems to be open so that you can play inside. At least 9 minifigures are included with Professor X, Magneto, Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Beast, Mystique, Sabretooth and Emma Frost. Others are imaginable. Cerebro or the X-Men's jet don't appear to be in this set. - Parts: 3122 - Pricing range: up to $390 - Most Likely Price: $300 The X-Men have been conspicuously absent from Marvel Lego ever since the release of the Blackbird and Deadpool Chopper in 2012.While a leak isn't always to be trusted, I'm hoping that the recent reverting of rights to Marvel/Disney and the Wolverine Mech set from last year are signs that this leak might actually be legit. I have personally being trying to track down instructions for DarthKy's X-Mansion in order to build it myself ever since his Lego Ideas campaign was denied approval. I'm not holding out hope that this will include everything that was in his design, but if it does actually happen, it could be a good nice set piece for ones X-Minimates (if you can overlook the scale).
  2. They're not really comparable to minimates, despite both items being stylised, chibi-like miniature figures. The sculpting on the game pieces is amazing. They're really stunning looking game pieces, but there's no articulation and they don't come painted.
  3. CMON are back with another version/expansion of their Marvel United series. This time, it's The Multiverse! The base set and stretch goals have some fun additional characters, but I'm particularly interested in seeing how the Team Decks and Campaign Decks add into the original game. The campaign is well and truly into the stretch goals part of the run, so it looks like they're all getting made. (Sorry for the thread necro, but I figured it was better than starting a new one)
  4. I don't have an order either, but my faves in phase order are: Iron Man Winter Soldier Guardians of the Galaxy Ant-Man Ragnarok Infinity War Ant-Man and the Wasp Captain Marvel End Game No Way Home I have just watched Wakanda Forever... and it might sneak on to the list, but I'd like to see it a second time before I make the call. Phase 4 has been tough judge. Some of the TV series have been a bit average, some have been a lot of fun. I really liked what they did for WandaVision... but it felt like it was all undone a film later. I'm very much hoping Quantumania is a return to form after the last couple films.
  5. Another member of black ops X-Force included ticked off the list? YAAAASSSSS!
  6. Wait.... Vanishers real name is... Telly Porter?!? 🤯🤯🤯 How did I never realise this?
  7. YAAASSSSS! I've been waiting for that old black ops X-Force line-up to be rounded out. Can't wait to see him!
  8. C'mon folks... Luke314Pi.... Pi... Pie. It's clearly Pie-Guy:
  9. Do we know anyone over @ who would be willing to post more Minimates reviews?
  10. My only anxiety with this model is that I worry about seeing lesser known teams, especially including villain teams, get represented. Characters that haven't appeared in a movie or live-action series might struggle to be seen as a viable option. The 4 x 2-pack system worked well for getting a lot of characters out. Wave 60's Strike Force vs Brotherhood set was, IMHO a good way of selling recognisable characters in order to support the release of some villains. And it very nearly completed two teams in a single wave! Box sets often seem to be team-focused or story-themed, but it's hard to fit two teams into only 5 spots, meaning that the less sellable team might get dumped. I seriously want to see Stryfe and some MLF figures made... but if a big name set like the F4 is not performing as hoped, then I can't see the MLF (or GenX, or the Nasty Boys, or the Upstarts, or the Hellions) having enough pull to warrant their own 5/6-pack.
  11. After the Goblin Queen issues Hasbro have just had, she was my first though... but you said it's a *him*. So, Havok as Goblin Prince?
  12. Happy Holidays, y'all. Hope it's been a restful and safe time for everyone.
  13. YAAASSSSS! I would be all over this. I desperately want a Cyber (he's SUCH 90's trash), but I would also happily take a Shiva and a Professor and make it a 'Weapon X, Lies and Videotape" set. (although, technically, Shiva was called 'Talos' in that episode. Something to do with censorship? This is a problem across figures in general, IMHO. Especially with female characters. Although they usually skew towards being entirely too neutral or pleasant, rather than 'serious'. I'd love to see more gritted teeth for women, cock-eyed skepticism and riotous laughing on alt head sculpts in general.
  14. Frankly - if we got Fang, I'd want a whole set of Imperial Guard figures. LOL
  15. Oh man - I'm so, so sorry Zach. I can't imagine what that's like. I'm sure you have friends IRL to talk this through with, but you have a community here who are here to support you too. @PadrinoThanks for sharing those links. That list is an invaluable resource.
  16. You, sir, know the way to this old collectors heart. Assuming Sikorsky & Cr'eee are 'accessories' rather than actual figures, who do you propose for the ramining two slots outside the core 4? I know I'd love to see a translucent Binary!
  17. YAAASSSS! This is a great choice, as I'm reasonably certain that LQ is pretty low on DST's list right now. Also - I *may* have cheated by guessing more than 1 character. LOL
  18. UNF! *THIS* is the Iceman I wish Marvel Legends would release. Interchangeable belt, head, and more to come. And that SLIDE! I don't collect Select (I already have too many different scales in my display cabinet), but might end up getting this bad boy. More pics.
  19. The formula would be perfect, but we've certainly had all of the original line-up made as minimates now. There are some obscure members from later line-ups that this would be a cool way to get tho! If they could include Boomerang, Trapster, Tombstone... etc. with a couple of big name mainstays, I can see this making collectors happy.
  20. "anti-mutant X-Men villain" gives a LOT to play with. Boliver Trask? Leper Queen? Graydon Creed w/ some FoH thugs? X-Cutioner would be a great minimate! V toyetic. Despite having some trading cards featuring him, and the 90's ToyBiz figure of him... I don't think I've ever read a comic that he was in. Imagine my surprise when I got to the end of X-Cutioner's Song.... and didn't see him once!
  21. My interest in Kubricks has only ever really been when they made a figure we were missing from the Marvel Minimates line, so any 'grail' has shifted over time. I wanted the hoverchair Xavier in order to customise a minimate of him for a while. I was *very* excited when AoA Morph and 90's Havok came out... but eventually, DST got around to all of them. Because collecting and team-building is my jam, Kubricks have never been super high on my list. Having said that, if they ever made Phoenix or Sinister, I would probably have to add them to my collection.
  22. I used it the other day to help identify a Toybiz accessory from the 90s. The accessory in question looked like a Minimate accessory I remembered and so I reasoned that Toybiz must have made a figure of the same character. The MMDB is useful even beyond all things Minimate. Long live (Hail) Ivan & the database.
  23. I don't know if anyone from this community is into customising Marvel Legends, but Bastian has a great video on how he gave the cheaper, single-pack Mojo a paint job to make it look more like the Pulse Exclusive Mojoworld Box Set version. He also went and added some of the liver spots later on too. A good option for customisers who don't want to spend the $$$ on the box set, but liked the better paint apps.
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