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  1. Just out of curiosity for anyone who bought the MK85 IM and Thanos pack - Who should have that gauntlet that it comes with? technically neither character had it in the movie... Is it meant to be just a random extra?
  2. Modefan

    TRU 25

    Looking for a 2 sets of wave 25 if anyone can help - Getting tired of going to TRU every other day lol
  3. Do you have any pics of this? I'm curious what they look like now...
  4. Jersey got the short end of the stick on these - I can't find them anywhether either....
  5. I've been to multiple Walgreens and people keep offering me funko mystery minis.... wth I'd love to find a spidey 2099 pack
  6. I hope they make these availible online
  7. I like the 2nd set better than the 1st. The 1st one had very sloppy paint apps IMO
  8. I ordered Mutagen Donatello and they sent me michelangelo because they screwed up on their UPC's and didnt care to fix the issue for their customers
  9. I thought it was odd that they still had it in stock....
  10. I'm actually looking forward to these... cool picks
  11. So I did a search and it looks like Zip Lock storage bags are made of Polyethylene.... If I put my minimates in individual Polypropylene bags and then in zip lock bags would they still be safe?
  12. I wouldn't mind using boxes but the size of my collection would mean I have have to buy a pallet worth of the damn things. I'm looking into those bags thank you for the post.
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