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  1. Maybe, but the packaging shows everybody else but the battle damage iron man, and even the official site doesn't mention it...
  2. Ah, I wondered what the secret fig from series 1 was. Picked up a couple from Big W after I did the blind pack feel ("That feels like a mini-gun barrel so has to be War Machine, and that's clearly a goblin glider, so I'll snap up those two")
  3. Generally indifferent to the character all things considered.
  4. Grumbling is fine, but increasing movie stuff and existing character variations is part of why my passion is gone and I'm getting out...
  5. *jaw drop* Normally not a fan of the MAX vehicle sets, but...
  6. GACK! Isn't it always the way, four days to payday, you have enough for a single wave and shipping and BAM! Its not a single wave. At least its less than a week from BBTS getting them to when I will have money so my preorders won't get dropped.
  7. I do every one. Of course I'm in Australia, so I have to pay postage and mine are probably thrown in the Non-North American Pile (ie bin), but still do them...
  8. Of course I had to go and lock myself into Marvel only to save money. Not that Halo/Pirates/Universal Monsters/Generic vehicles appeal to me anyway...
  9. Definitely need a re-do, but not bigbigbig fan so unsure if need a whole wave (which might mean villans) or just a updated boxset.
  10. IMO exclusive reissue and parts reuse waves are the lines past and best avoided, I'd be more interested in new characters please.
  11. X-Men aren't my cup of tea, though completest in me can't skip the wave as ebay isn't Cyc-friend any more if I want to catch up, but have to admit that Rogue is muuuuuch better.
  12. Not really a fan of Nu-Marvel, but will still buy it for the same reason I get X-Men: to avoid gap in line-up and pain of buying months later via ebay to fill that gap.
  13. Great, I "preordered" via BBTS (international fan so no tru direct) so doubly uneasy about if I'll actually get these now
  14. Another vote for Binary, but of the list Mockingbird or Songbird. Everybody else I'd like are too obscure, like Jolt, Knightress or Blood Spider...
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