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  1. Lol Krampus and St Nickolas are awesome They remind me of a holiday here in Holland called Sinterklaas where St Nickolas and Black Pete(a sort of Krampus) give gifts and take all the naughty kids home in a sack
  2. Well, i'v been looking for a time now since i saw someone else looking for it Just happy to help out
  3. I've finally found them on my pc, here they are Edit: 300 dpi, btw
  4. Thanks, Funk Well, i think Speedball is kinda hard, but he's still a WIP Aegis and Bolt, where kinda easy since i had the parts for them lying around
  5. My New Warriors The Night Trasher and Darkhawk are in the works for an update right now and the Scarlet Spider isn't made by me
  6. Yeah, borderlands has some flaws, like when the older missions ive already done activated again and i couldnt clear them or complete them :/ Mawiwomax(or something like that) is still the hardest to do for me, i havent killed him once
  7. Just out of curiosity, but which one is Ash supposed to be?
  8. Dammit, i wanted a loot version too, but i was too late... Did you know there are only 100 loot editions coming to Holland, ps3 and xbox combined? And its just too bad, that they're going out on ebay for about 500 bucks, i think? I loved borderlands 1, i'm still trying to get all the achievements for the ps3...Got all the normal ones, but the ones from the DLC's are a bugger
  9. Wasnt Napster one of the first programs or websites where you can download stuff for free?
  10. Have a nice b-day, guys! - Birthday spam 4 all!
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