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  1. Like everyone else has said, see the Director's Cut. It will make Daredevil worth watching again.
  2. So, are these the same ones that will be released in the Wave or what?
  3. Worst ever? Did you see the Hulk or Elektra? :biggrin:
  4. I dig the Daria ones, because if we ever get Daria soon Beavis and Butthead will follow. :tongue:
  5. I've heard a lot of talk about Mates that have snapping parts. I have gotten new Mates and have never had a problem with snapping parts. Does everyone have these problems or just people playing a bit too rough with them? :biggrin:
  6. I was just looking at pics for Series 1 Batman and Series 3 and to me the head decals should be switched. Series 1 doesn't look Battle Damaged while Series 1's does. Anyone else think that or is it just me?
  7. I was just looking at pics for Series 1 Batman and Series 3 and to me the head decals should be switched. Series 1 doesn't look Battle Damaged while Series 1's does. Anyone else think that or is it just me?
  8. I really liked Ghost Rider. I think it's a step in the right direction for Marvel after the last few subpar movies...X-3... I also really like the merch coming out for it. I mean, they made a Vengence figure from the game, which makes me happy. :tongue:
  9. Hopefully this Mary Jane actually looks like a girl...please AA! I actually hope that Series 19 is a second wave of Ghost Rider mates, because there is so much territory there yet to be done. Maybe Series 20 can be more X-Movie mates? Like Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Magneto, Jean Gray, Toad and Magneto?
  10. I couldn't agree more. What is next? Battlefield Earth? :tongue: BTTF is so awesome, I'm really glad that I can finally stop looking at my Kubricks and wishing they were Minimates.
  11. is good. I just wish that they would rerelease Black Suit Spidey instead of the BD version. Oh well, new mates are new mates and I'm siked!
  12. If I wasn't a MOC collector, I'd totally get some of these. Very cool idea and they must look even better in real life. Anyone a SWAN listener on here?
  13. Really sad that The OC got cancelled, I really like the show. I heard that these were on sale at ComicCon last year, but I didn't hear about them until it was over. They are majorly cool looking though. Wish they got more of a wide spread release.
  14. I never saw any of the GSXM repacks at my Targets, but that Blue Iceman looks pretty awesome. I wonder what the next Target repacks will have...
  15. How about Broken Lizard Minimates? Beerfest or Super Troopers?
  16. I think that the X-3 wave is a good idea, the line up is really good. The Ghost Rider wave is subpar to say the least, in my opinion. Ghost Rider looks excellent, but the fact that most all the character's not have super powers makes it a little less interesting. The Avengers wave is awesome, to say the least. Good choices and finally Thor, She Hulk and the Magneto kids. I can't wait to get them.
  17. Series 17: Ionic Wonderman/FF4 She Hulk Hawkeye/Vision Wasp/Antman Hawkeye/Phasing Vision Variant I love this wave! We finally get some really excellent characters that have been neglected. THIS WAVE RULES!!!!! :biggrin:
  18. If History shows anything, it's that if Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy do get any love, it's always later. I collect Funko stuff and am a HUGE fan of the Monster Cereals. No offense to Minimates, but the Monsters can only really be done by Medicom. I can't wait for the Glow versions. :biggrin:
  19. Toywiz has no real info about release dates, they basically just wing it and if they get it wrong, they either change it to the next month or just don't change it at all.
  20. Nope, all 7 will be announced by Friday... The logical assumption would be that its the variant. They've never had two of the same character in a wave without one been a variant. Actually, Wave 1,2,3,4 & 8 had the same character and they weren't variants. I like these, especially Loki. Like everyone has already said, It's great to have a new villian. Too many heroes running around. :biggrin:
  21. A1: Electro A2: Hobgoblin B1: Kraven B2: Lizard C1: Mysterio C2: Scorpion Chase: Shocker/Hobgoblin Doubtful, but I do so want more Spidey villians.
  22. Elongated Man/Plastic Man Professor Zoom/Bizarro Battle Damaged Aquaman/Black Manta Zantanna/Black Canary Red Son Superman/Red Son Wonder Woman Red Son GL/Red Son Batman I'd be fine with either of those waves. I just really think a Black Canary and Zantanna should come out soon.
  23. A1: Thor A2: Hawkeye B1: Wasp B2: Wonder Man C1: Scarlet Witch C2: Vision Chase: Ionic Wonder Man GIANT MAN MAXIMATE! You know you want one. :tongue:
  24. 1. John Stewart GL 2. MK Ghost Rider 3. MK Daredevil All excellent figures.
  25. This is the Kyle I'd like to see. It suits him well. :biggrin:
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