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  1. To anyone here who has family/friends that are/were affected, my heart goes out to you. May they remain safe & sound.
  2. What would be your ultimate Halloween costume?
  3. Good luck to all that enter!!!! PS - feel free to send me any unwanted candy!
  4. Yep, 2.5 is the one I meant. Greetings to you, too! Good to know that they're popping up around you -- means that they'll show up around me hopefully soonish. Thanks!
  5. Curious if anyone in MN has seen these at their local Walgreens yet? (Mostly because I'm tired of running around looking & not finding.)
  6. OK, so whenever I try to send a PM it looks all stretched out & weird (but I'm not doing anything other than typing in the message box) -- yet the replies I receive back look normal. Is anyone else having this problem? And by "stretched out & weird" I mean that hitting the enter button to leave a space between lines make it look like there are 4-5 spaces between lines (like I'm quadruple spacing my PM) instead of just one.
  7. So it's the 2nd day of TRU's sdcc special deals & still no BOGO minimates -- at least on the dot com. Instead, they are offering 20% off those large (think 3ft tall) action figures. Has anyone here actually found BOGO 'mates in stores?
  8. *feels silly that (since I don't have FB) I was clueless until another thread* Congrats, dude! Hope all the wedding stuff doesn't make you lose your mind.
  9. Have you ever... Thought Bugs Bunny was attractive in drag? Dated an ex's friend (or sister)? Pretended you were your own twin?
  10. Seriously, I need that Raph -- someone who's going, please grab for me??
  11. Zach already said that Bob will just have a Bob face, so don't plan on army building with him.
  12. It's not that I didn't take more from his posts -- J typically makes amazing arguments & I agree with 99% of them -- it's just that I have no argument here. I enjoy 'mates as a whole (even the ones I don't buy) & I enjoy being here. On topic, I love DiscoD because female character.Plus, sometimes the arguing gets a lil uncomfortable, so anything to deflect the convo into a more amicable direction works for me.
  13. Very excited for this! I, too, hope for the classic looks. (Don't know if I've posted this before or not. I made this for my friend Katie for her 2008 bday, since we were big X-philes but were disappointed in the 2nd movie. Now it looks to be coming true!)
  14. I voted for him. I mean, how else was he going to get made?? UM is one of my fave lines (along with TMNT).
  15. I know (& I appreciate the thought), but it's Jack & it's a special Jack.
  16. My local HT's got theirs in on Fri & were doing a Halloween wall reset this morning. Mgr man let me open the case & feel up what I needed -- told me that my method was way less creepy than the standard. So hopefully other MN stores will be close behind. All were BOGO50%, so it was pretty sweet. To round it out evenly, I grabbed a tearaway clown as well (mayor, GID reindeer & jack). I'd trade it for a GID Jack, Mutie Donnie, or the Halloween Preview promo Jack.
  17. Must be a MN thing, cuz I did, too. (I found RS to be a quality fit.)
  18. Look at how red his gums are -- gingivitis for sure. (Everytime I see/hear/type the word "gingivitis," I think of that stupid Family Guy episode.)
  19. You're very brave. Most people I know try & date outside the state (mainly to expand the gene pool). Sorry. I couldn't help myself -- people I know from Jersey couldn't wait to get the hell out (let alone date/marry someone else from Jersey).
  20. I like to think that that Wolvie is going to the dentist for a cleaning. And he's too cool for shirts.
  21. Nice work! I really like it -- it reminds me of when Luke did those Artimates (is that what they were called?).
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