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  1. Does anyone know if this is a custom (all the way at the bottom)? Saw it today and was kinda curious...
  2. Did you get those from the Brandon TRU? I usually go there since I live in Riverview.
  3. Are you the one that grabbed the pack from the Brandon TRU?? If, so we have ourselves a good 'ol fashioned fued!!
  4. Ummm...... then I'm really confused as to what this is: I mean I already have them but I'm a sucker for that silver sticker. And the next question is do they all have them? weird...
  5. I'm guessing new videos for Ultimate Alliance 2 If you pause the first one at 1:08 you can see Patriot. I wonder if the rest of the Young Avengers are going to be in it and if they are palyable, because that would be sick!
  6. I don't know bout y'all but I think these may be worth working some overtime to be able to afford these, they are straight up awesome! Especialy the Amazon set!
  7. Ok, so am I missing something or is there no variant pack with these waves? I don't remember seeing anything about that in this thread.....forgive me, I've been drinking.........seriously.
  8. didn't it give you straight up chills??? after iread it I looked over my shoulder for a week! I can't wait for the movie!!
  9. If you like the book listen to the audio book. oooo where would one find said audiobook....that could be fun Jeff of the Miniacs I would sooo order the extra creepy version with the HI-DEF zombie sounds
  10. I pre ordered a bag at my LCS and they got a bag to put into some grab bags but they said they only got the one, which they sold to me. So I may have a few extras for y'all!
  11. If you could find a mirror at a standard size to fit into a shadow box, along with glass shelves at that same standard size, you could probably build this yourself for around $75. It does look nice. I might start looking for parts, just to see if its possible. Luke, you think if this works it could be featured on the 'Factory' ??
  12. Not according to anything I have ever seen and it wasn't written into the current Avengers/ Invaders storyline, Which from my best educated guess is what this box set is based off of.
  13. So finally saw Stealth Iron Man and went ahead and bought him even though I'm not a huge IM fan, but he was the only one with no paint flaws and he was all cool and shiny looking. Also saw Iron Fist, and Green Goblin, and Silver Surfer but passed on them. No sign of Cap anywhere though........If anyone wants to trade for Cap, PM me.
  14. I don't think I am going to rush out to TRU like I did last time. Probably be easier to wait until they are offered online. That way I can buy several packs of them without having to deal with the employees or anything.
  15. A tiny tear just rolled down my cheek. Beautiful work man! Two of my most favorite characters in Minimate form. x a million
  16. Glad to see it's working out for you guys so far!!
  17. Iasked my guy yesterday and he said $12.00. So I placed an order and he said he would call me when they get in. I'll let y'all know when they do!!
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