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  1. Mattallica

    wave 79

    id love to get official versions of all of them
  2. Mattallica

    wave 79

    made these several years back
  3. well aren't you just a little Bitch, no wonder you were banned, good luck getting the parts you need
  4. Wow, yeah there are fewer people here probably due to less output from DST in the ways of news and actual minimates PLUS people have lives(maybe not you) . No need to be an ASS about it send the mods/admin a pm and wait patiently or go away.
  5. stores around me still have some of the previous waves if you need any
  6. i finally managed to snag a Hellboy at retail and ordered the wind raider set from
  7. I have not seen anything that leads me to believe there are any wise men at DST
  8. other than "captain" marvel none of the others have a rank assigned that i see, and hers might come from her dog tags as a captain in the USAF ,but im pretty sure that wont be until she joins the Avengers, i think she is known as "Vers" while part of star force. they may be part of the kree army, but i was thinking Star force was an elite fighting team, (no ranks???)
  9. If i remember correctly, its a piece of a BSG jacket
  10. no official Spider-man : far from home mates coming from DST so i made my own I made my own still need to paint the white of his emblem the so called "stealth suit"
  11. I made my own still need to paint the white of his emblem the so called "stealth suit"
  12. pretty much the same for me, i found 5 terminators and the 5 pack but all the others were gone
  13. nice i did the same with the extra hammer i have and am piecing together a body for korath I like the arms you used, whose are they?
  14. with a few quick part swaps and a couple of extra heads you can easily grow your Kree/starforce and these are just the leftovers from a second set (i like to have two of each to display the alt looks of the others)
  15. even IF dst could get back into dc minimates where would they sell them? comic shops? we havent had mates in most shops in a long time and i think they would remember the last dc minimates that they got stuck with and pass on new ones, Walgreens? heck they cant sell the old marvels that are clogging up their shelves and dont get in new ones because of them. I really cant see DST getting any new licensees and honestly i think its just a short amount of time before they stop making any minimates at all.
  16. well, im glad it wasnt just me that couldnt remember its interesting that dst would think to include those parts
  17. ummm you might want to check that, recent reveals say hes Mar-vell
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