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  1. nice i did the same with the extra hammer i have and am piecing together a body for korath I like the arms you used, whose are they?
  2. with a few quick part swaps and a couple of extra heads you can easily grow your Kree/starforce and these are just the leftovers from a second set (i like to have two of each to display the alt looks of the others)
  3. even IF dst could get back into dc minimates where would they sell them? comic shops? we havent had mates in most shops in a long time and i think they would remember the last dc minimates that they got stuck with and pass on new ones, Walgreens? heck they cant sell the old marvels that are clogging up their shelves and dont get in new ones because of them. I really cant see DST getting any new licensees and honestly i think its just a short amount of time before they stop making any minimates at all.
  4. oh, i didnt take it that way at all.
  5. well, im glad it wasnt just me that couldnt remember its interesting that dst would think to include those parts
  6. ummm you might want to check that, recent reveals say hes Mar-vell
  7. so i just got this set and its been so long since i saw the movie can some tell/remind me why Casey has invisible limbs included
  8. its the first christmas in many years (for me) with no minimates love, none under the tree and no secret santa , kinda sad 😪
  9. I avoid FB like the plague, i havent been on there in years
  10. a Sad day indeed, Thank you good sir for EVERYTHING! RIP Stan
  11. Im in Seattle, so that will probably make you want to stay away
  12. anyone going to the show want to pick up a bunch for members who cant make it there? Id like two if anyone can help
  13. Sounds like some stupidity that our real president would do.
  14. i was out yesterday, checked 3 of the 4 stores nearest me and found nothing(the same packs that have been hanging for months).
  15. Please tell me you're not surprised, DST is not known for making good choices.
  16. what does this to have do with animated marvel minimates?
  17. geez i hope its not Gamestop, as I've heard they are having money troubles and may be headed the TRU route, so it probably is them.
  18. I've been speculating on the end of Minimates for awhile now, with diminishing amounts of different lines, some major ones like POTC, and Aliens reaching their ends and distribution issues plaguing it, mostly i was met with jeers, and cries that "the sky is falling" type comments. And all that was before the Major retailer(Toys Were Us) for MM went belly up. now no convention exclusives and more issues with Walgreens which we are being told could be our Savior next large retailer. I think DST has mostly written off MMs in favor of Vinimates anyway Id be surprised if we see many more releases.
  19. wishing a Happy and safe Independence Day to my fellow American boardies
  20. I think we can all see the way this is going, eventually (soon) Walgreens will decide that Minimates are not worth the shelf space, and they will discontinue them. If only we had someone, who maybe worked for the Manufacturing company, that ultimately stands to get or lose our money due to walgreens carrying or not carrying minimates, who could be proactive in discussing these problems with Walgreens. 1 separate SKUs for waves 2 discounting older waves 3 having Minimates be available to order on their website
  21. Anyone else collecting these? seen them in nearby stores? I cant find them, and would appreciate any help thanks
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